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High-Performance Cables from Cable Solutions

Canare bulk supplies for DIY

Canare Bulk Components

Bulk Connectors

Solder-Type Connectors

Canare F-09

F-09 Slimline RCA Connectors

These shrouded RCA connectors are, by far, our most popular solder-type connectors.   Perfect for DIY

Canare F-Series Connectors

Additional F-Series Connectors

Coming Soon

Bulk Cable

Coaxial Cables

CanareLV-61S Bulk Cable

Canare V5-5C, V5-3C V5-1.5C, V4-5C, V3-5C, V3-3C, LV-61S, LV-77S, L-4CFB, L-5CFB, GS-6.  Coming soon. (or contact us now)

Canare Bulk Cable

Additional Bulk Cables

Including (but not limited to) , L-4E6S, 4S8, 4S11.  More coming Soon (or contact us now).

Finished Cables

Belden Cat-6 Cable

Belden VideoTwist Cat-6 Cables

Made with bonded-pair VideoTwist technology, these high-performance twisted pair cables are optimized for use with A/V extenders and baluns.  We have both non-plenum rated and plenum rated versions available in a wide range of lengths.