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Furutech Products

When an audiophile has done all that can be done to improve a system within the context of "reasonable", then it may be time to step up to Furutech!

Luxuriously made products, elegantly engineered, sensuous sounding and looking, a pleasure to use, plus the finest parts, technology and materials treatment available today imparts that elusive sense of true quality all audio and video enthusiasts crave.

Furutech’s Pure Transmission Philosophy

Audio and video enthusiasts quickly find the limits of so-called “industrial” or “hospital” grade AC power connections. At Furutech, we achieve precise signal transfer characteristics with meticulous, high-level engineering of the total product, focusing our energy on making the best, most luxurious, best sounding components using cutting-edge materials and processes, like our Two-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Super α Alpha Treatment. And we do it all at very competitive prices.

Everything you see, hear, and experience from a home entertainment system depends entirely on the quality of the AC mains supply and the power supplies of each component. If you start with compromised power, you will never reach and experience those intimate moments of profound, nuanced, detailed and dynamic musical presentation, or thrill to involving multichannel sound and video that reaches out to you both emotionally and dynamically.

You will enjoy a greater sense of power, dynamics, and resolution, with cleaner, blacker backgrounds and a larger, more stable soundstage, with vivid tonal colors and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range. Video displays of all types exhibit greater, sharper resolution with less ghosting, color shift, “snow”, or vertical and horizontal lines.


Furutech Catalog

2016 Furutech Catalog

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