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DVDO Products

The Vutec product line features an extensive line of projection screens in fixed frame, retractable, and portable configurations.  For retractable configurations, both manual and electrically-operated versions are available.  Screen surfaces include the amazing SilverStar, VuFlex Pro, GreyDove, Matte White, and numerous others. 

Vutec Products

Motorized Screens

Vutec Lectric I Motorized Projection Screen

Lectric I

Feature-Packed Motorized Screen with Advanced Housing for Wall or Ceiling Mount...more info

Vutec Lectric I

Lectric I RF

Plug and View - Wall or Ceiling-Mounted Screen with Self-Supported Fabrics

Vutec Lectric III

Lectric III

Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screen

Vutec Lectric II

Lectric II

Ceiling Recessed - Flush Mount With Trap Door

Vutec Lectric IV

Lectric IV

Tab-tensioned motorized screen for Ceiling Recessed installations - Flush Mount With Trap Door

Vutec Vu-Flex Pro Duplex

Vu-Flex Pro Duplex

Two Screen Formats in One Housing - Eliminates the Need for Masking

Vutec Vu-Flex Pro Duplex

Retracta-Vu Pro

Motorized Rising Arm Screen