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Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable

Bulk Cable, sold by the meter

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable with Vampire Wire #HDS5 Spades, front-right channel

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable, shown here in a 4 meter bi-wire configuration
This page is for bulk cable so no terminations are included at this price)

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable gets it's name from the 4-condutor-style construction that minimizes the "loop area" between twists of the conductors.  This "double balanced" pairing reduces susceptibility to electro-magnetically (EM) induced noise from sources like light dimmers, fluorescent light ballasts and AC power transformers.  The Star Quad design also improves the damping factor at the speaker.  Each of the four Star Quad conductors is 14 gauge and when used in pairs, the effective conductor size is 11 gauge.  The outer jacket diameter is 10.7 mm (.421 inch).

Take a look at the diagram to the right to get an idea of the unique construction.  The conductors are made from large numbers of thin annealed copper wire strands for maximum conductivity, flexibility, and long lived reliability.

A cotton filler material maintains the Star Quad conductor arrangement and the round shape of the cable without compromising flexibility.  Specially modified polyethylene insulation provides a low capacitance dielectric for improved frequency response.   The jacket is extruded from a special PVC compound that remains pliable even at very low temperatures.

The result is a super flexible cable, with a professional, high-quality look and feel.  Even some of the very expensive esoteric cables do not achieve this look and feel.


This cable is offered on this page in bulk, for DIY terminations.  You may purchase Vampire Wire terminations separately on this page or you may purchase pre-terminated finished cables here.


Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable, detail drawing

This drawing details Canare's Innovative Star Quad construction.

Bulk Canare Star Quad Speaker Cable, for DIY
Product Description SKU MSRP Your Price Quantity
Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable, Gray Jacket, Bulk - 1 meter (3.3 foot) increments Canare:4S11 $5.99 $4.99
Canare 4S8 Speaker Cable, Gray Jacket, Bulk - 1 meter (3.3 foot) increments
not shown
Canare:4S8 $4.99 $3.99
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