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Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cables

Bi-Amp, Bi-Wire, or Conventional Wiring Configurations

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable with Vampire Wire #HDS5 Spades, front-right channel

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable, shown here in a 4 meter bi-wire configuration, terminated with Vampire Wire #HDS5 Spades (front-right channel shown)

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable gets it's name from the 4-condutor-style construction that minimizes the "loop area" between twists of the conductors.  This "double balanced" pairing reduces susceptibility to electro-magnetically (EM) induced noise from sources like light dimmers, fluorescent light ballasts and AC power transformers.  The Star Quad design also improves the damping factor at the speaker.  Each of the four Star Quad conductors is 14 gauge and when used in pairs, the effective conductor size is 11 gauge.  The outer jacket diameter is 10.7 mm (.421 inch).

Take a look at the diagram to the right to get an idea of the unique construction.  The conductors are made from large numbers of thin annealed copper wire strands for maximum conductivity, flexibility, and long lived reliability.

A cotton filler material maintains the Star Quad conductor arrangement and the round shape of the cable without compromising flexibility.  Specially modified polyethylene insulation provides a low capacitance dielectric for improved frequency response.   The jacket is extruded from a special PVC compound that remains pliable even at very low temperatures.

The result is a super flexible cable, with a professional, high-quality look and feel.  Even some of the very expensive esoteric cables do not achieve this look and feel.

Termination Options

We are offering these cables singly so that you can combine and customize them to exactly fit your needs.  For example, if you need a matched stereo pair, purchase one front-left cable and and one front-right cable.  Here are the customization options:

Number of  Channels

These cables are sold singly, so any number of channels can be accommodated, but here are some popular combinations:

  • 2-channel (stereo)
  • 3-channel (stereo plus center channel)
  • 5-channel (for 5.1 surround)
  • 7-channel (for 7.1 surround)

Channel Usage

  • Front-Left
  • Front-Right
  • Front-Center
  • Surround-Left
  • Surround-Right
  • Back-Left
  • Back-Right
  • Subwoofer/LFE

We also offer these specialized parallel wiring configurations that use two cables for each speaker (or driver), for those who want the lowest possible resistance for their main stereo channels:

  • Front-Left Paralleled Positive
  • Front-Left Paralleled Negative
  • Front-Right Paralleled Positive
  • Front-Right Paralleled Negative


Common lengths range from 1 meter to 20 meters, although any length up to 100 meters is possible.  When purchasing multiple cables for multiple channels, as an example, you might specify matching lengths for a purist stereo hook-up, but use asymmetrical lengths for less critical surround and effects channels.

Vampire Wire Terminations

As they say at Vampire Wire, "Without the proper connector - it's just wire!"  Vampire Wire audiophile grade connectors feature high-purity base metals and a superior direct gold plating process to ensure unspoiled sound transmission. Choose from any of these Vampire Wire terminations (shown at the right) for your cables:

  • #HDS5 spades (blade width ~ .250" inside, .414" outside)
  • #SS9 spades (stepped blade width ~ .250" / .351" inside, .575" outside)
  • #BAR spades (blade width ~ .195" inside, .315" outside)
  • #SPD spades (blade width ~ .262" inside, .453" outside)
  • #PIN1 pins (.077" wide x .113" high)
  • #SB Single Banana Plugs
  • #DB Dual-gang Banana Plugs

We install all spades and pins using high-pressure crimps that are so tight that oxygen is excluded, thus preventing corrosion.  With these cables, It is a better method than solder because it avoids deformation of the supple insulation, making it mechanically and aesthetically superior to solder, while giving up nothing in terms of electrical performance.

Also available (but not shown) is an option for tinned bare ends.  With this method we dip the bare wire ends into molten Cardas Lead-free Silver Solder.  This method does not facilitate combining two conductors, so it is limited to wiring configurations that use four terminations per end.

Fan-Out length for each end

This is the length of the outer jacket that will be removed from the cable during the termination process.  Our standard fan-out is 0.2 meter, but you may want a longer fan-out when bi-wiring or bi-amping.  For example, in a bi-amp setup, the amplifiers are sometimes placed side by side, so you would need a longer fan-out in order to reach both amps.

Wiring Configurations

  • Conventional Wiring (2 terminations on each end)
  • Bi-Wire (2 terminations on the amplifier end and 4 terminations of the speaker end)
  • Bi-Amp (4 terminations on each end)
  • Paralleled (1 termination on each end)
    All four conductors are dedicated to a single termination on each end, so twice as many cables are needed to hook up each speaker.  In other words, you need one parallel-wired cable for ( - ) negative and a second parallel-wired cable for ( + ) positive.  Please be aware that this only works with #HDS5 and #SS9 spades or #SB over HDS5 spades, because those are the only termination options that are large enough to accommodate all four conductors.

Performance / Value

In our descriptions, we often boast that Canare products are better than Monster, and many of our customers seem to agree.  For comparison, at the time of this writing, Monster's "Z3 Reference" speaker cables are $329 for a 10 foot pair.  It's doesn't seem fair to compare them to Canare Star Quad though -- they're kind of stiff and awkward looking, and they don't come with audiophile-quality terminations.  If you want to bi-wire /  bi-amp, you'll need to buy two sets.  They do come with a carrying case, but one must wonder how many customers actually carry their speaker cables around with them.

Furutech Reference III is a magnificent bi-wire speaker cable (which we also offer), that has some very interesting  features, such as Furutech's Alpha Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process, along with a unique mechanical design.  Their attention to detail is exquisite, which is why we offer them, but at $2,450.00 for a 3 meter pair, they are not for everyone.  Don't get me wrong - they are great cables, but there are a great many systems, listening environments, and individual listeners that would not reveal an audible difference between Furutech's exquisite cables and the Canare 4S11 Star Quad cables on this page.

Silver Audio connects has some interesting offerings...their "Silver Symphony 48" starts at $1700 for an 8 foot pair.  While it is true that silver is a slightly better conductor than copper, the same conductivity can be achieved in copper conductors, simply by increasing the size of the conductors slightly.  And as cool as these cables may be, they are rather awkward looking, and don't look like they would stand up to much handling.

Kimber Kable BiFocal-XL speaker cables can bi-amp / bi-wire, and they have enjoyed many excellent reviews.  Their design and construction takes a different approach than Canare, but the look and feel of quality is very much like Canare's.  These are great cables, but a 10 foot pair will set you back $2140!

Please notice that while we found the cables above offered online for the prices shown in this description was originally written, it is possible that you may find lower or higher pricing.  We encourage you to check for yourself.

It's confusing, because price does not necessarily relate directly to sonic or aesthetic improvement. We had to solve this dilemma for our own custom installations.  Our customers tell us that they want performance, but they would rather have extra components than to tie up thousands of dollars in speaker cables.  That's why we settled on Canare's Star Quad speaker cables for use in our custom installation work. 

Canare 4S11 is a professional quality, high performance speaker cable, with a high-quality look and feel.  You can tell that it's nice cable just by looking at the way it runs across the floor.  If we could put a link here so that you could handle the cable, I have little doubt that even more people would choose this cable on that basis alone.


At Cable Solutions, our philosophy is that the perfect cable is one that adds nothing to the sound, and that takes nothing away.  We have customers using these cables in systems that range from modest home systems to multi-million-dollar commercial venues and the common theme in all of the comments that we have received over the years is neutrality, clarity, accuracy, detail, extended frequency response, tight bass, openness, and low noise.  We've had customers tell us that these cables revealed nuances in their favorite music that they had never heard before.  That fits in with the comments about tight bass and openness because as the bass becomes tighter, the overall soundstage opens up and one begins to hear details that were previously obscured.  Others have commented that these cables are less fatiguing to listen to.  That would probably be the lower noise.  We have sold some very expensive speaker cables over the years, but these are the ones that stand out as sounding better than their specs and price would suggest.  We hope you will get as much enjoyment from your set as so many others have.


Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable, detail drawing

This drawing details Canare's Innovative Star Quad construction.

Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable, #HDS5 termination example closeup

Here, we have zoomed in on the right channel cable, to give you a better look at the end preparations..

Vampire Wire #HDS5 spades extreme closeup

Here is another shot of the #HDS5 spades.  The elongated, offset blades are a good fit for a wide range of equipment and the design also leaves plenty of room for heat-shrink coverage.  These are our most popular spades.

Vampire Wire #HDS5 spades connected to ADS loudspeaker

This picture shows how the #HDS5 spades look when hooked up to an ADS 1590 loudspeaker.  (ADS speaker not included)

Vampire Wire #SS9 spades

Vampire Wire #SS9 spades are our second most popular. They have a stepped blade, which works with many different binding posts, including oversized designs such as those used on most B&W speakers.

Vampire Wire #BAR spades

These #BAR spades are a good choice for smaller terminals or barrier strips.

Vampire Wire #SPD spades

Vampire Wire #SPD spades are the best choice for larger barrier strips, such as those used on some Vandersteen speakers.  (formerly known as #SPD8)

Vampire Wire #PIN1 pins

The #PIN1 pins are an excellent choice for equipment with large spring-clips, or for use in combination with banana plugs.

Vampire Wire #SB single banana plug, installed on #HDS5 spade

Here is the #SB single banana plug, installed on an #HDS5 spade. (#SB requires #PIN1 pins or #HDS5 spades)

Vampire Wire #DB double-gang banana plugs

Here are the #DB double banana plugs. (#DB requires #PIN1 pins)

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Canare 4S11 Speaker Star Quad Cable
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