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Belden 7989P VideoTwist Cat-6 Twisted-Pair Cables

Highest Performance for both A/V Distribution and Data, Plenum-rated

Belden 7989P VideoTwist Cat-6 Twisted-Pair Cable with Perfect-Twist RJ45 connector

Belden 7989P VideoTwist Cat-6 Twisted-Pair Cable, shown here with our Perfect-Twist RJ45 connector.  You may also choose "Plain End" or "Strip and de-bond only" if you don't want connectors.

Belden 7989P VideoTwist Twisted-Pair Cables offer class-leading performance for both A/V distribution and for Cat-6 data applications.  For cabling needs that require versatility, no other cable does both jobs so well.

Belden's VideoTwist cables employ patented bonded-pair technology to maintain a perfect twist over the length of the cable, preventing signal loss and skew.  In addition, with Belden’s unique crescent shape design, each pair is “locked” into place. This ensures that pair-to-pair movement is greatly minimized during the installation process.  The result is what Belden calls, "installable performance". 

Good specs are easy enough to achieve under laboratory conditions, but Belden's precision mechanical design brings theoretical specifications into the realm of reality.  If you want cables that perform as well as their specifications suggest, these Belden VideoTwist cables are for you.

 These cables are Plenum-rated, so they are suitable for just about any indoor installation. If you prefer less expensive Riser-rated (non-plenum) cables with the same electrical performance, please visit our Belden 7989R product page.  If you need full spools, please visit our 7989P-305 product page.

If price is more important than performance, we also have less expensive manufactured patch cables in lengths up to 50 feet.


Our "PerfectTwist" termination technique ensures that the twist is maintained as far as possible into the connector, further protecting against skew and signal loss.  Our terminations include color-coded heat-shrink strain-reliefs, available in ten different colors, to help prevent wiring errors.

If your installation requires punch-down termination on one or both ends, or you prefer to install your own RJ45 connectors, we also offer this cable with all of these termination options:

  • PerfectTwist RJ45 - Standard
  • Stripped and un-bonded - ready for punch-down, for either or both ends.  This cable's proprietary bonded-pair construction can make it troublesome to prepare for punch-down.  If you don't have the tools (or the patience), we can prep the ends for you.
  • Plain End - no connector, no prep for either or both ends
  • No Shrink Marker - We normally install shrink markers as strain-reliefs for the RJ45 connectors and/or for channel identification.  If you don't want them, you may choose the "No Color-Code Heat-shrink" option.

You can certainly pay less for twisted-pair cables, but you will not find better A/V performance in any Cat-6 rated cable.

Belden 7989P VideoTwist Cat-6 Twisted-Pair Cable with Perfect-Twist RJ45 connector

Belden 7989 VideoTwist Cat-6 Twisted-Pair Cable, shown here in the 3 meter (10 foot) length, but you may select from a wide range of lengths below, up to 305 meters (1000 feet).

Belden 7989P VideoTwist Cable, ten different color-code options

Here are the ten different color-code options.  You may also choose "No Color-code Heat-shrink " below.

Belden 7989P Brilliance VideoTwist Cable datasheet in PDF format

This datasheet includes complete 9879 specs. Click to download PDF.

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Belden 7989P VideoTwist Cat-6 Cable
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Length in meters (feet)
Connector on first end
Connector on second end
Color-code Heat-shrink
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