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Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A

1:5 Microphone Input Step-Up Transformer with Clamp-style Mount and Wire Leads

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A 1:5 Microphone Step-Up Transformer

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A 1:5 Microphone Step-Up Transformer

The Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A is a microphone input transformer with a 1:5 step-up ratio, making it ideal for medium impedance amplifiers.

Microphone preamp designs incorporating Jensen Input Transformers offer several advantages over the more commonly used, inexpensive "transformerless" designs:

1) Superior Common Mode Interference Rejection

2) Superior Radio Frequency Interference Rejection

3) Ideal impedance matching of source to amplifier

4) Elimination of input coupling capacitor distortion

Jensen manufactures Microphone Input Transformers in many step-up ratios in order to provide the best possible noise performance with any type of active amplifier device.

The JT-13K7-A is backed by the manufacturer's comprehensive one-year warranty, and has a remarkable 20-year warranty on the transformer device itself.

Jensen Transformers' Description

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A



  • Our best input transformer for most popular IC amplifiers
  • wide bandwidth: -3 dB at 0.9 Hz and 120 kHz
  • 13.8 dB voltage gain with transformer Noise Figure of only 1.0 dB
  • Input impedance of 1.5 kΩ for loading loss under 0.9 dB
  • High common-mode rejection: 119 dB at 60 Hz

With its 4.1 kΩ secondary source impedance, this transformer not only optimizes noise performance of many IC or discrete amplifiers but also offers excellent CMRR as well. The primary is fully balanced and its leads may be reversed to invert polarity, if required. A 30 dB magnetic shield package is standard.

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A in mounting clamp

Here the JT-13K7-A is shown in the included mounting clamp.  The wire leads can also be seen in this photo.

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A, bottom

This shows the bottom of the transformer

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A, included items

Shown here are the included items

Jensen Transformers JT-13K7-A Data Sheet - click to download PDF

Here is the JT-13K7-A spec sheet.  PDF format.

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Jensen Transformers 1:5 Microphone Step-Up Transformer, Standard Wire Lead style w/clamp mount (as shown) JT-13K7-A $215.99 $179.99
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