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DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE Video Enhancer

Custom Installer Edition HDMI Video Processor with Darbee Visual Presence
Paul Darbee Signature Edition!

Made in the USA
DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE Video Processor, Paul Darbee Signature Edition

DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition Video Processor, Paul Darbee Signature Edition

The Paul Darbee Signature Edition has never before been offered for sale to the public.  We only have two units available at the time of this writing, so it is fair to say that these units are very rare.  These are unused units.  Special care was taken to protect them from the front panel rub marks that troubled the non-signature units.  We opened one of them for inspection and it appeared to be in pristine condition.  These are probably the last new DVP-5100CIE units in existence, let alone Paul Darbee Signature Edition units.

There can never be another Paul Darbee Signature Edition, so this is more than a compelling video enhancer - it is also stands as a functional testament to the inventor of the Darbee Visual Presence technology.  What follows is a description of the non-Signature version, although they are identical, other than the signature imprints.

The DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition brings a new level of refinement to DarbeeVision's patented Darbee Visual Presence technology. 

If you have been following DarbeeVision, you probably already know that this powerful human-vision-based model for digital image enhancement provides a sublime solution for improving the perceived depth and realism of images.

The processing is super fast, performed intra-frame so that there is no time delay, eliminating the lip-sync issues that are inherent with many video processors. Naturally, this makes the DVP-5100CIE great for watching videos and movies, but it also means that this is video enhancer is among an elite group that can also be used to enhance video games, where lag simply isn't acceptable!

The effect is so significant that some have commented that it rivals the realism of 4K Ultra HD displays using existing 1080p source material and displays.  More than that, the Custom Installer Edition can noticeably enhance virtually any resolution.  The DVP-5100CIE offer lots of options and adjustments, and it comes with a handy remote control, making it easy to fine tune right from your viewing position.

Devices to improve the appearance of video images have been around for as long as video itself.  Most of them had a noticeable effect, but unfortunately, the effect wasn't necessarily a good one.  With Darbee Visual Presence, that seems to have changed.  Hard-core video reviewers have become outspoken fans of the technology.  Some of them are the same people who, in the past, have gone out of their way to let their readers know that they had to turn off all of the video enhancement features that were built into the particular display device that they were reviewing, because it just made the picture worse.  But the DVP-5100CIE is different.  Everyone can see the difference, but more than that, most people agree that the resulting images look better.  People use adjectives like, immersive, deep, 3D, pop, detailed, sharp, revealing...always preceded by the word, "more".  The enhancement scheme is based upon human perceptual algorithms, so it is possible that some given individual will not perceive the change as being an improvement, but DarbeeVision's unusual satisfaction warranty does build confidence.  All one stands to lose is shipping costs, so why miss out on what could be the greatest thing since HDTV?

That's Visual Presence, but the DVP-5100CIE doesn't stop there.  This model adds an elegant rack-mountable cabinet that is right at home in even the most serious equipment rack.  All of the connection are on the rear panel, as they should be, leaving the front panel to convey stately elegance.  This Custom Installer Edition also includes phaseHD technology to ensure better HDMI connections, particularly with longer cable runs.  This model includes a USB port for easy firmware upgrades as well as an IR input port for installations where the front of the unit may not have line of site to the remote control.  In short, all of the performance that DarbeeVision has become famous for in a professional form factor.

To further sweeten the deal, we are including a DarbeeVision-Certified Kordz R.3 HDMI cable (6-foot)with every unit!

The DVP-5100CIE is made in the USA.  It comes with a remarkable 30-day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, with 100 percent refund of purchase price (less shipping fees) if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason.  It also comes with ta one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If a defect is discovered, DarbeeVision will, at its option, repair or replace the product at no charge, provided it is returned during the warranty period, with transportation charges prepaid to DarbeeVision.

We also have a limited number of B-stock units available, but just to be clear, they are not Paul Darbee Signature Edition units!  The B-Stock units have minor cosmetic damage such as rub marks and scratches, but they are new, never used units, and that do come with the same warranty as new units.

DarbeeVision's Description

DVP 5100CIE Custom Installer Edition


  • phaseHD technology allows for greater reach over HDMI and better interoperability between source and display
  • USB 1.0 for field upgrades
  • One HDMI input and one HDMI output, located on rear
  • IR extender and remote (included)
  • Dimmable LEDs: Video, Power, Processing
  • Deep color, 30-bit 4:4:4
  • HDMI 1.4 compliant, works with 3D
  • HiDef, Gaming, Full Pop viewing modes
  • Free Kordz HDMI Cable


  • Easy to install -Installs between any HDMI source and display
  • Easy to set up – Requires no calibration!
  • Easy to use – Simple controls
  • Rack Mountable - 19” x 1U high, [Ship Weight, 6.1 lb.]

Applications - HDMI Enabled Products

  • Blu-ray images snap into better focus, Beyond Fidelity™
  • Video Games become super-immersive
  • Digital TV image quality is profoundly improved
  • Cable/Satellite programming looks much better
  • Smart Phone and Tablet video quality is upgraded
  • IPTV Video is easier on the eyes, more natural
  • Projectors look like more expensive models!

Read the DVP-5100CIE Product Brief

Read the DVP-5100CIE User Guide

DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE Paul Darbee Signature Edition, front panel

Here is a close look at Paul's signature imprint on the front panel.

DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition Video Processor, back panel

The back panel is shown here in this photo.

DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition Video Processor, Darbee SE, included items

Here is what comes in the box - remote control, rack-mount ears, universal power supply, printed User Guide, the DVP-5100CIE unit itself, in the retail box.

DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition Video Processor, remote control

This is the included credit card sized remote control.

Darbee Visual Presenece image comparison

Click on this image comparison to get a closer look at what Darbee Visual Presence can do!

Darbeevision DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition Product Brief, PDF

This Product Brief present additional details about the DVP-5100CIE Video Enhancer.  PDF format.

DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE DVP-5100CIE User Guide, PDF

Here is the User Guide, in PDF format.

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