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DarbeeVision DVP-5000S HDMI Video Enhancer

with Darbee Visual Presence™ v 2.0

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S HDMI Video Enhancer

Same-Day shipping by your most trusted source for DarbeeVision DVP-5000S HDMI Video Enhancer!  The green LED is on when the system is active, the blue LED indicates the presence of an HDMI input signal and the red LED indicates the presence of power.

DVP-5000S is DarbeeVision's successor to the the acclaimed DVP-5000 "Darblet" HDMI Video Enhancer.

The DVP-5000S is similar to its predecessor, but with cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing design.  The new design also comes with some new capabilities.

As with all DarbeeVision products, Darbee Visual Presence technology, the powerful human-vision-based model for digital image enhancement, remains at the core.  The algorithm has been subtly improved in version 2.0, resulting in even fewer visible enhancement artifacts. 

As always, you can expect improved perceived depth and realism of images.  As before, the processing is super fast, which eliminates the lip-sync issues that are inherent with many video processors.  Intra-frame processing means that there is no time delay, so the DVP-5000S is great for videos and movies, but unlike slower processors, it's also fast enough to enhance video in applications where lag simply isn't acceptable, such as video gaming!

Reviewers have commented that the effect is similar to 4K Ultra HD displays, particularly in terms of the perception of depth and realism.  Keep in mind that comments like this are coming from people watching 1080p program material on 1080p display devices, but it is also fair to say that Darbee Visual Presence can also enhance 1080p content viewed on 4K displays.

The DVP-5000S will not process or pass 4K/UHD video, but since the vast majority of video content in the world today in not UHD, and since the DVP-5000S can visibly enhance virtually any video resolution up to 1080p, that means that it can make almost all video look better, even if we happen to be watching it on a UHD display device.  And make no mistake - no device without DARBEE Visual Presence technology can do what this device can do for your video.  The many options and adjustments are all easily accessible using the included remote control, so you can  fine-tune right from your viewing position.

Note from the author:  Not long ago, I had a customer telling me about the attention the DVP-5000S is getting among laserdisc fans.  It it not entirely surprising, because we already know that DVP technology can bring a pleasing effect to even the lowest-quality VHS video.  I'm not saying that it makes VHS look like HD, but the point is that it can help marginal content.  And laserdisc quality is inherently a big step up from VHS, so it makes perfect sense to me. 
Darbee Visual Presence is a perceptual algorithm, so it is unlike anything else that I have experienced.  Some say that it works best on high-quality content, and having spent some time with the device, I can understand why some might say that, because it certainly is true that it makes high-quality content look even better to me, but what might be missed is the fact that the enhancement effect is noticeable on all content, regardless of quality.  It doesn't remove noise or artifacts, so don't expect that, but what it does do is to give my eye something to lock onto, which I perceive as improved sharpness or resolution.  I pick up details that I had not noticed before, and I judge that to be a good thing for a wide variety of content. 


DarbeeVision is further sweetening the deal by including an external/remote IR sensor, so line of sight to the processor is no longer required.  This is a great feature for anyone who prefers to keep the device out of sight.  Another step-up from the previous model is the included IR remote control.  The retail package even includes an HDMI cable, so now you get everything you need to start enjoying Darbee Visual presence right away.

Devices intended to improve the appearance of video have been around for almost as long as video has been in existence.  Most of them did have a noticeable effect, but unfortunately, the effect wasn't necessarily good.  With Darbee Visual Presence, that seems to have changed .  DVP technology has found followers among even the  most hard-core of video reviewers.  In the past, some of these same people have gone out of their way to let their readers know that they had to turn off all of the built-in video enhancement features in some particular display device that they were reviewing, because the disadvantages of the artifacts outweighed any advantages.

Not only can everyone see the difference, but the also DVP-5000S distinguishes itself from the rest in that most people agree that the resulting images actually do look better.  Adjectives like, realism, detailed, revealing, immersive, deep, 3D, sharp, pop...often preceded by the word, "more" are common.  The enhancement scheme is shaped by Human perceptual, so it is not impossible that some particular individual may not perceive the change as being an improvement, but DarbeeVision's unusual satisfaction warranty is a great confidence builder in case of that unlikely event.  All one stands to lose is shipping costs, so why miss out on what could be the greatest thing since HDTV?

The DVP-5000S is small, measuring just 4.58" long, 2.23" deep and 0.73" high.  The full retail box some complete with an IR remote control, an external IR remote extender, a power supply, a 1.5 meter (4.9 foot) HDMI cable, and the DVP-5000S unit itself.  The included power supply is of a universal design, and even includes four different plug adapters, so it will work just about anywhere in the world.

Also included with the DVP-5000S is a remarkable 30-day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.  If you are less than satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will refund the original purchase price in full (not including shipping fees).  A traditional warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.  DarbeeVision will repair or replace the product, at their option, at no charge, provided it is returned during the warranty period, with transportation charges prepaid, to DarbeeVision.

DarbeeVision's Description

Darbee Visual Presenece enhancement is clearly visible in this image comparison

Example of extra detail revealed by DVP video enhancement technology.  Click for a larger view.

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S, front-right view

DVP-5000S in perspective view

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S, end view showing inputs

This end view shows the HDMI input connector, as well as the DC power and IR input connectors.

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S, end view showing HDMI output

The HDMI output is on the left end.

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S, bottom

Here is the the bottom of a DVP-5000S.

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S, remote control

Included IR remote control.

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Included Items

As shown here, the retail box, includes a remote control, 1.5 meter HDMI cable, universal power supply with four different AC plug adapters, external IR remote sensor/extender, and the DVP-5000S unit itself.

DVP-5000S Retail Box, bottom

Easy setup instructions can be found right on  the bottom of the product box.

Darbee Visual Presenece enhancement comparison

The Darbee Visual Presence effect can be seen in this side-by-side comparison - click the image for a closer view.

DVP-5000S Product Brief, PDF

DVP-5000S User Guide, PDF

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