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Digital Audio Switch

4x1 Audio Switch

  • If you're looking for a digital audio switch, Cable Solutions can help you find the perfect switch, whether you prefer coaxial or digital
  • We sell switchers that simultaneously output both optical and coaxial audio, allowing for seamless conversion between the two formats
  • As an Authorized Distributor for major industry names, you get full warranty protection and technical support when you purchase an audio switch from Cable Solutions
  • Customer service is out trademark, and we will work with you to find everything you need to go along with your audio switch

Do I Need a Digital Audio Switcher?

If your equipment lacks sufficient digital audio inputs to accommodate all of the sources you wish to connect, then an audio switch is likely the solution you've been looking for.

It is frustrating to spend top dollar on a receiver only to discover that it has one coaxial digital input. If this is your preference (as opposed to optical digital audio inputs) then a digital audio switcher offers an elegant solution.

At Cable Solutions, we offer digital audio switches that allow you to indulge in your preference. These handsome units support both coaxial digital input and optical digital audio inputs, so you don't have to worry about compatibility when you purchase your preferred components.

Coaxial or Digital Optical Input... Which is Better?

Obviously, this comes down to personal preference, but most hardcore audiophiles prefer a coaxial interface. Still, optical/TOSLink interfaces definitely have their own set of real-world advantages.

This is especially true in situations where ground loops could create a "hum bar" on a television screen. In these situations, an optical digital input is almost always preferable, as it is completely immune to these bothersome issues.

Often, the need for an audio switch stems from the fact that the receiver only has one built-in digital audio input. So, if you need to connect more than one audio source, a digital audio switcher is your best solution.

In situations where you need both coaxial and digital optical inputs, the value of a switcher that can seamlessly convert between the two is obvious.

At Cable Solutions, we will work with you to determine how best to address your situation with hands-on customer care that ensures you get the switcher you need to ensure seamless integration.

An Audio Switch that Looks as Good as It Performs

There is solid value that comes with purchasing a digital audio switch with a metal cabinet that goes far beyond mere appearance. All-metal enclosures provide optimal shielding against EM interference and noise, which contributes to an overall superior performance.

Indeed, there is no substitute for a sturdy metal cabinet. Lesser units lack the strength and durability needed to handle simple things like cables, as the weight of them alone can pull them off of a shelf. This is especially true with audiophile-grade coaxial digital audio interconnect cables, which are rather large and heavy.

Should I Choose an Automatic Switcher?

Auto switching is another beneficial feature that are built-in standard with quality digital audio switchers. The advantages of auto-switching are that one does not need line of sight to the switcher to accommodate an IR remote control. There is also no need for another remote control to keep track of.

If your choice is an aesthetically pleasing design, then you may want your switcher to remain visible with the rest of your equipment. However, if your auto switcher makes is easy to hide, then you may choose to keep it hidden.

Because both audio interfaces are supported, you are able to seamlessly switch between the two. This means that you can connect your satellite receiver to Input One on the switch with a TOSLink optical cable, and a disk player to Input Two with a coaxial cable. The switch continually monitors all of the inputs until there is a state change.

The switcher recognizes when a new source is activated, so in the above example, if the satellite receiver is turned on, it automatically switches to that input. The same holds true when the disk player is activated.

Even if one of the sources never turns off, a quality device's auto-switching feature will still work. This is useful in many situations and especially helpful with satellite and cable boxes that continue to transmit a signal even when turned "Off."

Compatibility You Can Rely On

We offer electronic switchers that are entirely compatible with any setup. This is because there is no signal/protocol conversion or resampling, other than conversion of the physical interface/medium. The switch will work with any digital audio signal that would commonly be generated by consumer entertainment equipment.

While anything in a signal chain will degrade the signal to one extent or another, the switchers that we offer impose so little degradation that it becomes insignificant.  Over the years, we have sold thousands of these state-of-the-art switchers without hearing anything other than positive responses from our customers.

Regardless of which audio input is active, our switchers are capable of simultaneously outputting both coaxial and optical audio from the source. A digital switch will pass SPDIF signals in almost any format or clock rate, fully supporting Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM formats.

Included with these quality switchers is a universal power supply, which ensures that your switch will work just about anywhere, although if you're living outside of the US, you will likely need a passive adapter for the plug. Manufacturers also offer a full warranty, so you won't have to worry about any hassle if there are issues with your switcher.

Details and Specifications

What follows are some key product specifications and features that our digital audio switchers include:

  • Four audio inputs (coaxial or optical)
  • One audio output (coaxial and/or optical)
  • AutoSelect automatic input switching switches to the most recently active source (with manual selection override)
  • All metal construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports all Dolby Digital, PCM, and DTS formats
  • Automatic digital audio interface cross-conversion

Why Buy from Cable Solutions?

First, our customers benefit from full warranty protection and quality technical support from longtime experts in the audio industry. All of our products are stocked locally, so when you place your order, the item is ready for immediate shipment. On business days, orders placed by noon will ship the same day. Orders placed on holidays and weekends will ship on the next business day.

Our first priority is customer service, and we maintain this commitment long after your purchase is completed. No matter what audio solution you're looking for, we’ll do our best to help you find everything you need to seamlessly integrate your new switch into your home sound system or theater. We understand that it is impossible to anticipate every problem, so we work long hours to ensure that you can get technical support when you need it most.

If you're the type of person that is especially frustrated with outsourced customer support and companies that don’t have a working phone number or email address, then you will immediately notice the difference with Cable Solutions.

We are a family-owned Texas business, and we believe in the ideals of heritage, courtesy, honesty, and doing business in an ethical and professional way. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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