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Cable Solutions Digital Audio Switch

7x1+1 Automatic Electronic Switcher for Coaxial and Optical TOSLink Digital Audio Sources

Cable Solutions Digital Audio Switch

Cable Solutions DAS-001 Automatic 7x2 Digital Audio Switch.  In this photo, the coaxial and TOSLink outputs connectors can be seen, as well as the USB/power connector and the manual input selection override button.

Our DAS-001 Digital Audio Switch offers a unique combination of performance and features.  It's great for applications like expanding the input capabilities of sound bars, A/V receivers, preamplifiers, or just about anywhere that more inputs and automatic switching are needed.

Automatic Input Detection / Switching Logic

All inputs are assigned priorities, with optical 1 having the highest priority, followed by RCA 1, then optical 2, and so on. If a signal is detected  on an input with higher priority, the switch will jump to that input immediately. If there are active signals on multiple inputs, the switch will stay on the current input, as long as there is a valid signal.  If the signal becomes invalid, the switcher will then check the next active input. If the signal there is valid, then that input will be automatically selected.  If the signal there is also invalid, then the switcher will continue to check inputs in sequence.  This latest version also includes a push-button switch for anal override.

A power supply is not included, although the device is USB-powered, so it can be powered by USB bus power, say for example, from a TV, or alternately, just about any USB power brick. It also runs fine on a cell phone charger.  The DAS-001 Digital Audio Switch comes with a standard one year limited warranty from Cable Solutions.

Automatic 7:2 Digital Audio Switcher

Model DAS-001


The DAS-001 is a unique seven input, one (or two, depending how you look at it) output digital audio switcher, incorporating technologies such as automatic input switching and digital audio automatic cross-conversion. This sturdy product is perfect for adding digital audio inputs to a sound bar, a Bose Lifestyle system, or receiver and preamps that have limited digital inputs. Supports both digital optical and digital coaxial audio types.

  • Automatic input switching selects active source according to input priority
  • Seven inputs (3 digital coaxial and 4 TOSLink optical), output via optical and/or coaxial
  • All-metal construction
  • Supports all Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM formats

Key Features

  • 4 optical inputs and 3 Coaxial Digital (RCA) Inputs
  • Automatic input detection
  • (1) Optical and (1) Coaxial Digital (RCA) output
  • Optical output will switch off if there is no signal on any input (so a connected device, such as an A/V reviewer, can switch on/off automatically based upon the absence of signal.
  • 2- color status LED for every input
  • High quality Wolfson audio processor to de-jitter and refine the signal
  • Power supply via Mini USB cable (can be connected to a TV USB port for example, so it switches on and off with the TV)
  • Firmware updates via USB

Audio Parameters

  • Input Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Min Load Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Multi-channel Digital: Yes
  • Frequency Response: Full support up to 192kHz/24Bit audio


  • Digital Audio Connector Types: RCA (coaxial digital audio), TOSLink (optical digital audio)
  • Robust all-aluminum case is just 4.25 x 1.2 x 3.3 inch deep.
  • DC Input Connector: Mini USB

Cable Solutions DIgital Audio Switcher, input 1 selected

Here are the 7 inputs, shown here with input 1 selected

Cable Solutions DIgital Audio Switcher, 3 coaxial and 4 TOSLink inputs

(3) coaxial and (4) TOSLink optical digital audio inputs, shown here after initial power-up, with most LEDs illuminated

Cable Solutions DIgital Audio Switcher, compared to tape measure

At only 4.25" x 1.2" x 3.3" deep (excluding connectors), the DAS-001 is small enough to fit just about anywhere!

Cable Solutions DIgital Audio Switcher, bottom

This photo shows the bottom of the DAS-001

Cable Solutions DIgital Audio Switcher,included items

This DAS-001 comes with a USB cable, printed manual, and the switcher itself.  A power supply is not included, but it can often be powered by a USB connector on one of the connected devices. Or alternately, jby ust about any 5 volt USB charger.

DAS-001 Manual, PDF format

Here is the user manual.

Purchase Information
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Cable Solutions 7x2 Automatic Digital Audio Switch DAS-001 $269.99 $229.99
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