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CineMag CM-9589H Tube Output Transformer

4:1 turns ratio, 80% Nickel Laminations, Channel Frame Mount w/ Wire Leads

Made in the USA
CineMag CM-9589H  Tube Output Transformer

CineMag CM-9589H Tube Output Transforermer

The CineMag CM-9589H tube output transformer features 80% nickel ("HiNi") alloy laminations, although interleaved nickel and steel laminations are also offered as CM-9589, which, at the time of this writing, is available as a special-order option in the cart below.

The CM-9589H is designed for either capacitor coupled or balanced bridging output stages. It works very well being driven from very low source impedances, but also offers excellent performance with source impedances of up to 10KΩ. The driving amplifier should be capable of delivering clean power at the desired maximum output level.

The channel frame is 1.95" (49.5 mm) wide, or 2.81" (71.4 mm) wide including the mounting flanges.

Here are some key specs:

  • Excellent bandwidth: -0.2 dBu at 65 kHz Rs=2.43K
  • 80% Nickel (“HiNi”) alloy laminations
  • Distortion ≤0.002% at 20 Hz, +10dB in, Rs=50Ω
  • 0.5% THD+N% +18 dBm Output Rs=50Ω
  • Phase Shift -6° at 20 kHz, Rs=2.43KΩ

With so many once-great American manufacturers selling their brand names and/or moving their manufacturing outside of the USA, we are particularly thankful that CineMag remains dedicated to designing and manufacturing some of the finest products in the world, right here in the USA, and it is an honor to represent their products. The CM-9589H is made in the USA, and is backed by Cable Solutions' three-year warranty  Please ask for details.

About CineMag


To manufacture the very best audio magnetic components in the world!


The company story goes goes back to Edward Reichenbach in the 1940's, where his experience included the design of many audio transformers for Altec Lansing. Following that, Ed formed his own company, making audio transformers, inductors, and power transformers for use in professional audio gear. He eventually formed Reichenbach Engineering, where the transformers he designed became ubiquitous standards in the pro audio industry.  CineMag was formed as a part of Reichenbach Engineering in 1979, manage by Ed's son, Tom.  The CineMag name reflects the company's early focus upon magnetic tapes heads for cinema; "Cinema Magnetics" was concatenated to "CineMag".


In order to obtain the very best results in an audio design, attention to detail is imperative.  Even the slightest deviation from the ideal manufacturing process can result in product that does not meet our high standards. In order to ensure the very best-performing products for our customers, every device that we manufacture must pass a computerized test.  For this reason, all manufacturing is done in our own facility in Simi Valley California.

CineMag has distinguished itself as the leader in audio magnetics through dedication to excellence in manufacturing and service.  CineMag offers a broad range of audio transformers and inductors, and research and development is still ongoing.  Only by keeping all manufacturing in-house are we able to maintain the highest possible standards of quality.

CineMag CM-9589H, top

CM-9589H right perspective

CineMag CM-9589H, bottom

The lamination stack can be seen in this bottom view.

CineMag CM-9589H, package contents

We include a printed copy of the datasheet, as well as the CM-9589H transformer itself.

CineMag CM-9589H, product box

Shown here is the product box.

CineMag CM-9589 datasheet - click to download PDF

Here is the CM-9589 data sheet.  PDF format.

Purchase Information
Product Description SKU MSRP Your Price Quantity
CineMag Tube Output Transformer, 80% Nickel Alloy Laminations (stocking) CM-9589H $215.99 $179.99
CineMag Tube Output Transformer, Interleaved Nickel and Steel Laminations (special order) CM-9589 $214.99 $169.99
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American heritage, innovation and workmanship are intrinsic in the CineMag name.  Add Cable Solutions' customer-centric service and you get a superior experience.  Don't get stuck with incorrect advice, bad service, slow shipping or inferior products. If you want the best, you need look no further.