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Canare V5-1.5C Jacketed Video Breakout Cable

"Pro Series" 5-channel cable with HD-15 (VGA), BNC, or RCA connectors

Canare V5-1.5C Jacketed Video Breakout Cable - Pro Series, 5-channel cable, shown here with VGA-male and 
						BNC-male connectors

Canare V5-1.5C Jacketed Video Breakout Cable - Pro Series, 5-channel cable, shown here with VGA-male and BNC-male connectors

This Canare V5-1.5C Jacketed Video Breakout Cable has five channels, making it perfect for R/G/B/H/V applications.  Connector options include HD-15 (VGA), BNC, RCA connectors in both male and female genders.

This high-performance cable is typically used to interconnect equipment with VGA-style HD-15 connectors or to "break out" VGA connections to equipment with five discrete channel connections.  For example, one might use a short VGA-male/BNC-female break-out cable to connect a piece of equipment with a VGA connector to a longer RGBHV cable having BNC connectors.

Longer cables can be used as a complete end to end solution.  For example, a VGA-male/BNC-male cable would be ideal for connecting a video processor to a HDTV monitor with R/G/B/H/V inputs via BNC connectors.

Of course, no cable can convert signal format or colorspace so your display device must be able to accommodate the signal from your source equipment.  We have active converters if you need them.

Canare Cable

We use Canare V5-1.5C cable for this assembly because it is the largest, best-performing 5-channel cable that will reasonably fit into a VGA-style HD-15 connector.  If you do not need VGA connectors, you may want to consider Canare V5-5C or V5-3C.  The smooth black jacket has special fillers to keep the bundle tight, reduce shift and twist, and to maintain a round shape.  It has a high-quality, professional look and feel.  With an outside jacket diameter of 9.2 mm (.362 in.), it is rather large, as VGA cables go, but it is also very well-behaved.  If you lay the cable out on the ground, it stays right where you put it -- there is very little curl.  Notice that in the pictures, there are no ties or restraints on the coiled cable...that should give you an idea of the flexibility of this cable.

This five channel Canare cable is lightweight and extremely flexible. It has a PVC jacket with a smooth, non-glare finish, and it stays flexible even at sub-zero temperatures! Here are some specs on the cable:

  • Outside jacket diameter, 9.2 mm (.362 in.)
  • Individual channel OD, 2.6 mm (.102 in.)
  • Low loss - less than .03 dB per meter at 1 MHz, and less than .43 dB even at 200 MHz!
  • Tightly woven all-copper shield with greater than 94% coverage
  • Nominal capacitance, 69 pF per meter at 1 KHz
  • Nominal impedance, 75 ohms
  • Velocity of propagation, 66%
  • Less than 2.2 nanosecond differential delay between channels

HD-15 / VGA Connectors

The VGA-style connector is also known as HD15, HD-15, DB15, DB-15, RGBHV, R/G/B/H/V, RGB/HV, RGB (HV) RGB, and any number of other variations.  For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to them here simply as "VGA connectors".

Our VGA connectors have gold-plated pins and all-metal shielded hoods.  These high-performance connectors are available in both male and female pin genders.  They can accommodate the large Canare V5-1.5C cable that we use for this assembly, and they have gold-plated contact points for reliable performance and long life.

BNC Connectors

We offer both BNC-male and BNC-female connector options for this cable assembly.  These are impedance-matched 75 Ohm connectors, which cannot be compared to low-cost data-grade 50 Ohm connectors that are found on many inexpensive cables.  Our high-performance BNC connectors have gold-plated contact points to ensure the highest possible performance and long service life.

RCA Connectors

Impedance matched RCA connectors are very rare, but maintaining the correct impedance is essential to high performance.  By maintaining a constant 75 Ohm impedance, our RCA connectors prevent ghosting, ringing, signal loss, and other artifacts associated with impedance mismatch.  Our high-performance RCA connectors feature gold-plated beryllium copper contact fingers, and gold-plated pins to ensure long life and high performance.

High-performance Breakout Setup Applications

As mentioned above, an excellent application for this type of cable would be a short VGA-male/BNC-female break-out cable (like the one pictured at the upper right) to connect a piece of equipment with a VGA connector to a longer BNC-equipped RGBHV video cable.

Since BNC connectors are both electrically and mechanically superior to RCA connectors , if you do not already have RGBHV video cables to complete your breakout setup, you may want to consider a complete breakout cable setup with BNC connectors.

Either way, RCA or BNC, if you need cables to complete your break-out setup, please check our cables page.  We offer color-coded cables separately, in any combination of BNC, RCA, or "F" type connectors, so you can have an elegant, adaptorless hook-up between just about any two pieces of equipment.  If you don't find what you need, or if you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Canare V5-1.5C Jacketed Video Breakout Cable - Pro Series, 5-channel cable with VGA, BNC, RCA connectors, 3 meter

This photo shows a 3 meter VGA-male to BNC-male configuration, but you may select the length and connector options you prefer below.

Canare V5-1.5C with VGA-male connector

This close-up view reveals our high-quality VGA-male connector. Notice the all-metal connector housing and gold-plated pins. You may also choose VGA-female below

Canare V5-1.5C with BNC-male connectors

Here is a closer look at our 75 Ohm impedance-matched BNC-male connectors.

Canare V5-1.5C VGA-male / BNC-female Breakout Cable, half-meter

Shown here is a half-meter VGA-male to BNC-female configuration. This would be ideal for use as part of a break-out setup, but you may also select from a wide range of lengths below.

75 Ohm Impedance-matched BNC-female Connectors

Here are our 75 Ohm impedance-matched BNC-female connectors.

Canare V5-1.5C with RCA-male Connectors

Here is a close look at our outstanding 75 Ohm impedance-matched RCA-male connectors.

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Canare V5-1.5C Jacketed Breakout Video Cable
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