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Audio Authority 9A60A

High-Definition VGA to Component Video Transcoder

Audio Authority 9A60A High-Definition VGA to Component Video Transcoder

Audio Authority 9A60A High-Definition VGA to Component Video Transcoder

The Audio Authority 9A60A is an improved version of the legendary model 9A60, adding a status LED along with official support for all 18 ATSC HDTV resolutions, including 1080p. 

The 9A60A  makes it possible to connect VGA style R/G/B/H/V video sources to High Definition Television (HDTV) monitors, even if the monitor only has Y/Pb/Pr inputs.(Some manufacturers label these connections as Y/Pr/Pb, Y Pb Pr, or Y Pr Pb).

If you have been wishing that you could connect your computer to your HDTV, the 9A60A may be for you. This gadget has the potential to turn your HDTV into a multimedia display device...the possibilities are almost endless!  Just keep in mind that this device is not a format converter - it passes the sync timings and pixel content without modification. so your PC needs to have a graphics card that supports resolutions and refresh rates that your HDTV can display.  If your computer's graphics drivers do not include native support for HDTV resolutions, a video utility such as PowerStrip (or DisplayConfigX Mac) can be very helpful in configuring the custom settings.

The Package

The package includes the 9A60A device, a 6-foot VGA male-to-male cable, documentation, and a universal power supply that can accept 100 to 240 Volts at either 50 or 60 Hz.


Input: Standard RGBHV video on a HD-15 VGA connector
RGB Video Inputs: 700mV p-p
HV Sync Inputs: 5 volt TTL

Output: Y Pb Pr Component video on 3 gold-plated RCA jacks
Y Video Output: .701G + .212R + .087B
Pb Output: .500B - .384G - .116R
Pr Output: .500R - .445G - .055B

Y Sync Output: 300mV negative bi-level, 600nS horizontal, unprocessed vertical
Video Bandwidth: -3dB @ 250MHz

Dimensions: 4.55" X 3.30" X 1.25" not including mounting flanges
Included Accessories: 6-foot VGA male-to-male cable, 12 volt DC power pack

Like most Audio Authority products, the 9A60A comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer. B 9A60 Factory B-Stock units come with the same warranty.

Audio Authority's Description

VGA to Component Video Transcoder

Model 9A60A


Key Features:

  • Converts VGA signals to component video
  • May require third party software for some applications
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p

Includes a 6-ft VGA cable and a power pack (component video patch cables not included).

The Model 9A60 allows a VGA-type RGBHV video source, such as a PC, to be connected to High Definition Television (HDTV) display with YPbPr component video inputs. With compatible sources and displays, it permits HDTV images generated by a PC or other VGA source to be viewed on an HDTV that is capable of displaying the image format being produced by the source.

If your VGA source is a computer, the 9A60 will make the necessary electrical conversion to component video, but computers do not normally use standard HDTV resolutions, so you must adjust the computer's output signal to be compatible with your TV. Third party software is required for video compatibility and image adjustment. For Windows, use PowerStrip by EnTech Taiwan; for Macintosh, use DisplayConfigX.

The 9A60 is not a scaler. It passes the horizontal and vertical synchronization timings and pixel content to the outputs without modification. For example, a 1080i RGBHV source with a 9A60 will require your HDTV monitor to accept a 1080i YPbPr component video input. Generally, 1080i, 720p and 480p sources, such as set top boxes, may be displayed on monitors designed for the desired format, using the 9A60. However, some combinations of sources and televisions may produce undesired display artifacts or fail to work at all.

As an alternative, consider purchasing the Model 1366 Scaler for these applications. The 1366 can scale a computer image to a compatible HDTV resolution, and properly adjusts for overscan.

For more information on PC to HDTV applications, download the article: The Best of Both Worlds: Viewing a PC on a TV (157K, 4 pages).

Need a replacement power supply? The 9A60A uses a 12 Volt, 1 Amp power supply. (Model 571-013).


Product Focus Sheet: 9A60 (Coming Soon)

Comparison: Video Converters (PDF)

9A60 Installation Guide (PDF) READ BEFORE PURCHASING!  "The Best of Both Worlds" Viewing an PC on a TV  (Updated April 2009) (PDF, 4 pages)

Audio Authority 9A60A High-Definition VGA to Component Video Transcoder

Here is a closer look at the top of the 9A60A

Audio Authority 9A60A High-Definition VGA to Component Video Transcoder - input side

Here is the input side of the device.  The VGA-style HD-15 pin connector is on the left, and the power connection is on the right.

Audio Authority 9A60A High-Definition VGA to Component Video Transcoder - output side

This picture shows the output side - notice the color-coded gold-plated RCA connectors for component video.

Audio Authority 9A60 product focus sheet - click to download PDF

Here is the Product Focus sheet for the 9A60A's predecessor...the two models are very similar.

Audio Authority 9A60A User Manual - click to download PDF

This is the User Manual in PDF format.

Audio Authority Video Converter Comparison - click to download PDF

Here is a comparison of Audio Authority video converters in PDF format.

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