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TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher

with Direct CEC Control as well as External Control Interface, Handles up to 4K@60Hz

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher with control

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher with Control

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC is a VGA and HDMI Presentation Switcher.  This compact smart switcher senses new connections and automatically switches to the most recent input.  In addition to the automatic switching feature, front-panel push-buttons are also included for manual switching.  It has both a VGA and an HDMI input, so for a single presenter, adapters are typically not required. 

Built-in CEC can control a connected TV or projector, obviating the need for a separate remote control.  Nothing to get lost means less stress.  Two contact closure groups facilitate third-party key pad control and status is indicated by LEDs.

The device has (1) HDMI input, (1) VGA input, and a corresponding 3.5mm TRS stereo audio input.  The VGA input can handle resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz, while the HDMI input supports supports most formats, including 1080p.  4K inputs are also supported at up to 60 Hz (4:2:0 8-bit only).

The TL-2X1-HDVC also does  format conversion, scaling and audio embedding, so the VGA and analog audio inputs are seamlessly converted, scaled for output via the single HDMI output, including embedded HDMI digital audio.  The output format is user-selectable to match the native resolution of your display device.  Presentation hook-ups don't get much easier than this!  Additional details about this features are here.

Like most TechLogix Networx products, the  TL-2X1-HDVC is covered by a generous 3-Year warranty as detailed here.



TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC - back view

A locking power connector, HDMI output and auto/manual selector switches for switching and CEC, as well as Phoenix connectors for connection to an external controllers, such as keypads, can be seen on the back

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC - TechSpecs

Technical Specifications for the TL-2X1-HDVC in PDF format

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDVC - User Manual

Here is the User Manual.  PDF.

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