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TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher

with Direct CEC Control, Handles up to 4K@60Hz

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV 2x1 HDMI and VGA Smart  Presentation Switcher solves the all-too-common helter-skelter dangling cable challenge that faces so many presentation rooms and presenters. 

This switch offers both VGA and HDMI inputs in a compact and convenient form factor.  It automatically senses the presence of a new signal, whether it be VGA or HDMI and then makes that source live on the display.  There is typically no need to push buttons or flip switches, although the TL-2X1-HDV Presentation Switcher does include front-panel manual override controls for complete versatility.

This automatic switcher handles HDMI formats up to 4K@60Hz with 4:2:0 chroma sub-sampling, and of course it also handles 1080p @60Hz.  The VGA input can process video up to 1920x1200 @60Hz, seamlessly converting and scaling the analog video to HDMI formats as high as 1920x1200.  It also does HDMI audio embedding so that the stereo analog audio input will be present on the HDMI output as 2-channel PCM digital audio. Additional details about this features are here.

Built-in CEC can very conveniently control the connected display device in response to the on/off state of the connected sources, eliminating the need to keep up with an extra IR remote control.

For your peace of mind, the TechLogix TL-2X1-HDV VGA/HDMI Smart Switcher includes surge and ESD protection, as well as a generous 3-year warranty. Details are here.

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV - back view

The locking power connector, HDMI output and auto/manual selector switches for switching and CEC can be seen on the back

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV - TechSpecs

Technical Specifications for the TL-2X1-HDV in PDF format

TechLogix Networx TL-2X1-HDV - User Manual

Here is the User Manual.  PDF.

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