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Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF

ISO-MAX Cable TV Ground Isolator

Made in the USA
Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF ISO-MAX Cable TV Ground Isolator

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF ISO-MAX Cable TV Ground Isolator

The Jensen Transformers
ISO-MAX VRD-1FF isolator uses a capacitive-based design to to elliminate AC power-related ground currents. Hum and noise are often the direct result of ground loops, so in that sense the VRD-1FF is a hum and noise elliminator.

The elegant nickel-plated metal body complements the improved performance of what was already a class-leading product.  It can prevent hum or buzz in sound systems as well as hum bars in video systems, while providing a transparent path for radio frequency video and cable modem signals.

This improved ISO-MAX isolator has ruler-flat responses to over 1,300 MHz, making it suitable for digital cable as well as conventional CATV, VHF/UHF antenna or MATV systems. The unit breaks the ground loop that so often causes the infuriating audio hum or video hum bars we experience when connected to CATV. Each end of the isolator has a machined 75 OHM female F connector with gold-plated contacts. The overall length is 2.375 inches and diameter is 0.82 inches.

We have not found any other passive isolator that can so effectively solve ground loop issues, while also achieving such low insertion loss, thus preventing lost channels (as is so common with lesser devices). This is one case where "new and improved" is actually true.

Here are some additional specs:

  • Improves audio/video quality by reducing 60 Hz ground currents
  • 2 MHz to 1300 MHz bandwidth spans VHF/FM/UHF/CATV spectrum
  • Low VSWR helps prevent digital cable channel degradation
  • Capacitive based design minimizes broadcast channel interference
  • Meets FCC Part 76 Regulations for CATV systems

If you're not sure which model to choose, please check out our Jensen Transformers Application Guide.

Please do not confuse the VRD-1FF with similar (but inferior) products. With inferior products coming from all over the world, we think it is a genuine treasure to find a company like Jensen Transformers, actually designing and manufacturing some of the finest products in the world, right here in the USA, and we are proud to be able to offer their products. The VRD-1FF is made in the USA, is backed by the manufacturer's comprehensive one-year warranty, and has a remarkable 20-year warranty on the transformer device itself.

Ground Loops?

(or why the best planned systems sometimes look and sound bad)

It is a subject that is seldom discussed in manufacturers publications, or even in magazines of the trade, but ground loops can happen even in the most carefully planned A/V system. When ground loops happen in a video system, the result is unwanted hum or video hum bars.

In cable TV systems, the power supply for the cable system amplifiers are powered by a different source than the equipment that is used to enjoy the programming. The National Electrical Code requires the cable system to be bonded to the power service entrance ground, but in actual practice, this is not always the case. Even when the code is properly observed, there are other factors that can cause a difference in ground potential. It can be because one of the circuits is loaded more heavily than the other, or because one run is longer than the other, or any number of other reasons that are beyond the scope of this article.

The result of this difference in ground potential is commonly referred to as a ground loop.

The Solution

The Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF is elegant in its simplicity. Just insert it anywhere in the RF line between the cable TV jack and your equipment.

Immediately, the effects of the ground loop become a non-issue. Problem solved. There are not too many things that one can install in an A/V system that can provide so much improvement with so little effort.

Don't Forget the Cables!

Good cables are very important in the fight against hum and noise. You will need at least one short patch cable in order to insert the VRD-1FF into your signal path, and you may want to consider upgrading your existing cable(s) as well. The VRD-1FF does not include any cables, but if you need them, we have some very high-performance RF cables available. Please click here to see them!

Jensen Transformers' Description

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF

Cable TV RF Isolator

For Analog and Digital Cable TV and Cable Modems
Solves "Ground Loop" and "Hum Bar" Problems
(Supersedes the VR-1FF)

***Important Installation Instructions***

**NOTE: This unit will NOT work with satellite systems**


Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF  ISO-MAX Cable TV Ground Isolator, right-front

Here is another angle.

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF  ISO-MAX Cable TV Ground Isolator, right-front

The Jensen Transformers logo is reserved for the very finest products of their kind, made in the USA.

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF, included items

The VRD-1FF comes packaged in the small box and an instruction manual is included as well.

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF  ISO-MAX Cable TV Ground Isolator, data sheetl

This data sheet includes physical dimensions and electrical performance specs.

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF Specs

Here are the spec in PDF format.

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF Users Manual

Here is the User Guide, in PDF format.

Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF with optional patch cable

The VRD-1FF does not include any cables.  If you need cables, we have high-performance RF cables like the one pictured here, available separately.
If you are interested, please click here to see our RF cable offerings.

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