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Intelix VGA2-HR VGA over Twisted-Pair Extender

Transmit video at resolutions up to 1600x1200 up to 350 feet via Cat-5/6
Special Pricing, while they last!

Intelix VGA2-HR VGA over Twisted-Pair Extender Set

Intelix VGA2-HR VGA over Twisted-Pair Extender

The Intelix VGA2-HR VGA over Twisted-Pair Extender transmits / receives VGA Video signals up to 350 feet over a single twisted-pair cable, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6.

This professional-grade active balun / extender delivers crisp video at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, making it an ideal solution for corporate A/V, schools, churches, auditoriums, as well as for use by discriminating individuals - just about any situation that involves video distribution.

The VGA2-HR set includes transmitter, receiver, power supply and a VGA cable.

Should you need more range, the VGA2-UHR, is a viable option. It transmits / receives 1920x1200 VGA Video signals up to 550 feet over a single CAT 5 type cable.

While the VGA-UHR-F may be used stand-alone, if you need a clean rack mounting option for a variety of baluns, the 19" rack kit, DIN-RACK-KIT-F, is ideal.

As with virtually all systems that are based upon twisted-pair cable technology, the Intelix VGA2-HR will work with virtually any twisted-pair cables, including Cat-5e and Cat-6, but range and bandwidth are directly related to both distance and cable quality, so to get the highest resolutions at the greatest distances, you will want high-quality, low-skew cables. If you want the very best pre-terminated cables, please consider our VideoTwist cables.

As long as boardrooms present visual data and churches project hymnal lyrics, Intelix will continue providing the technology which makes VGA distribution possible--inexpensively and effectively.

Like most Intelix products, the VGA2-HR comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Intelix's Description

VGA2-HR Ultra-VGA over Twisted-Pair Extender

Sold in pairs, the Intelix VGA2-HR transmits UXGA (1600 x 1200) resolution video up to 350 feet over structured cabling, such as regular Cat 5 [or Cat 6]. The VGA2-HR features custom dipswitch adjustment, allowing you to eliminate color skew, bleed, and ghosting--problems frequently associated with extended distance VGA distribution.


  • 1600x1200 video up to 350 feet (107m)
  • Adjustable equalization and skew compensation
  • Built-in EDID tables and copy feature
  • Compact size
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Diagnostic LEDS

Design with Intelix and Design with Intelligence.

Purchase Information
Product Description SKU MSRP Special Pricing Quantity
VGA over Twisted-Pair Extender Set (350 Ft)

SOLD OUT, but B-Stock units are available at the time of this writing, so that is what we are offering here.
VGA2-HR-B $373.95 $59.99
Intelix 19" Balun Mounting Tray DIN-RACK-KIT $88.95 $76.50
Intelix Balun Mounting Clip       AVO-CLIP-F $11.95 $10.28
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