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Intelix SKYPLAY-MX-S Wireless HDMI Transmitter

Pro Wireless HDMI Transmission System Sender

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX Wireless HDMI Extender System Transmitter, front-left view

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX Wireless HDMI Extender System Transmitter

Intelix's Description

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX-S Wireless HDMI Extension

Features and Benefits

  • Wirelessly distribute HDMI up to 100 feet
  • IR control of source
  • Signals can go through standard sheetrock walls
  • Addressable transmitters
  • Up to 4 receivers per transmitter
  • Less than 1 frame latency (17 milliseconds)
  • HDCP 2.0 compliant, dynamic EDID pass-through, multichannel audio support


  • Ideal for residential, commercial, corporate A/V, education, digital signage, hospitality, and house of worship
  • Send HDMI signal from a source to a destination device without a wired connection
  • Wireless HDMI distribution amplifier - up to 4 destinations
  • Only licensed for North America use

Documentation and Downloads

* Many cordless phones operate in the 900 MHz, and 2.4 GHz bands, but some are in the 5 GHz band.

† Most Wi-Fi is in the 2.4 GHz band, although some 802.11n devices can (optionally) operate in the 5 GHz band as well, as do 802.11a devices.

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX-S wireless HDMI transmitter, right-front view

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX-S wireless HDMI transmitter.

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX-S transmitter, back

Shown here is the back of the SKYPLAY-MX-S transmitter.

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX-R receiver

Here is a look at the companion SKYPLAY-MX-R receiver (not included).   Ad up to four receivers to each SKYPLAY-MX-S transmitter.  Additionally, each receiver can be paired with up to four transmitters. Add to Cart below.

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX Wireless HDMI Extender Flyer - Click to download PDF

This is a SKPLAY-MX flyer, in PDF format.

Intelix SKYPLAY-MX Wireless HDMI Extender System Specsheet - Click to download PDF

This is the SKPLAY-MX Spec Sheet, in PDF format.

Intelix Here is the SKPLAY-MX Installation Guide - Click to download PDF

Here is the SKPLAY-MX Installation Guide, in PDF format.

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