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Intelix INT-IPEX1000 HDMI over IP HDMI Extender Kit

HDMI over Ethernet Extender System with POE

Intelix INT-IPEX1001 HDMI over IP HDMI Extender Set - Encode Unit

Intelix INT-IPEX1000 HDMI over IP HDMI Extender Set - Encode Unit

The Intelix INT-IPEX1001 INT-IPEX1002 HDMI over IP Extender System transmits HDMI over gigabit Ethernet.  Range for this HDMI via IP system is the same as for Gigabit Ethernet, which is 100 meters (328 feet) per segment over 1000Base-T Cat-5/6 copper wiring, and around 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) via 1000BASE‑ZX Single Mode fiber.

Keep in mind also that the distance can be easily extended simply by cascading additional gigabit EtherSwitches, so the range is essentially unlimited.  Each INT-IPEX1001 Encoder can accommodate as many as 250 INT-IPEX1002 Decoders, making it possible to crate very large distribution systems.

The system supports Power over Ethernet (POE) for maximum convenience with POE-enabled switches and UTP cabling, or the devices may also be powered by optional PS-5D-10 power supplies.

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Intelix's Description

Liberty Introduces Intelix HDMI over IP Extenders

 INT-IPEX1000 series extends HDMI over LAN with PoE support


Features and Benefits

Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (250 Decoders)

  • PoE PD (powered by switch) or local power (not included)
  • MJPEG compression with stereo audio
  • 100 m (328 ft) range per junction
  • Compatible with Ethernet switches
  • Uses any Cat5/5e/6/6A twisted pair cabling


  • Ideal for digital signage and commercial video systems
  • Repurpose IT infrastructure for AV distribution

NT-IPEX1002 Rundown

The Intelix INT-IPEX1000 series extenders are designed to distribute an HDMI formatted video signal from a single source to multiple displays, such as a digital signage environment. These extenders use parts of the link layer and network layer of the OSI model to distribute the video signal.

The INT-IPEX1002 receives the multicast packet stream on the LAN input and decodes the M-JPEG video back to an HDMI formatted video stream.

While the INT-IPEX1000 series extenders use Ethernet switches to distribute a video signal to multiple displays, these devices must be installed on their own dedicated network infrastructure.

Documentation and Downloads

Intelix INT-IPEX1000-R HDMI over IP Encoder, HDMI Input End

Shown here are the HDMI and power inputs on the encoder unit
(1) included in each kit.

Intelix INT-IPEX1001 HDMI over IP, Ethernet LAN RJ-45end

This end of the encode unit includes the Ethernet LAN port and reset button.

Intelix INT-IPEX1002  HDMI over IP Decoder Unit

Here is the Intelix INT-IPEX1002 Decoder Unit.  (1) included in each kit.

Intelix INT-IPEX1002  HDMI over IP Decoder Unit, HDMI Output end

Shown here are the HDMI and power connectors on the decoder unit.

Intelix INT-IPEX1002  HDMI over IP Decoder Unit, Ethernet LAN RJ-45 end

The RJ-45 Ethernet connection and reset button can be seen on this end of the decode unit.

Intelix INT-IPEX1002  HDMI over IP Extender System, Spec Sheet

Here is the spec sheet, in PDF format.

Intelix INT-IPEX1002  HDMI over IP Extender System, Installation Manual

This is the Installation Manual, in PDF format.

Purchase Information
Product Description SKU MSRP Your Price Quantity
HDMI over IP Ethernet Extender Kit
(1) INT-IPEX1001 Encoder, (1) INT-IPEX1001 Decoder
INT-IPEX1000 KIT $499.90 $449.98
HDMI over IP Ethernet Encoder INT-IPEX1001 $299.95 $249.95
HDMI over IP Ethernet Decoder
(use up to 250 decoders with each encoder)
INT-IPEX1002 $299.95 $249.95
Optional 5VDC Power Supply for IPEX PS-5D-10 $16.95 $15.26
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