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Intelix DigitaLinx DL-HD60-ARC HDBaseT Extender Set with ARC

Transmitter/Receiver Kit Sends HDMI with Audio Return Channel up to 70 Meters via Twisted-Pair Cable, 4K UHD-Capable!

Intelix DL-HD60-ARC HDBaseT HDMI with ARC Extender Set

Intelix DL-HD60-ARC HDBaseT HDMI with ARC Extender Set

DL-HD60-ARC HDMI w/Audio Return Channel (ARC) HDBaseT Extender Set transmits high-bandwidth HDMI with ARC and bi-directional IR up to 70 meters (230 feet)* using a single twisted-pair cable, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6.

In addition to extending HDMI, IR, and Ethernet up to 70 meters (230 feet)* over Cat-6, the units also feature flexible power, and a best-in-industry compact chassis specifically designed for mounting behind ultra-slim flat panels.

The system supports many of the features associated with the HDMI v.1.4 spec, including (but not limited to) resolutions ranging from 800x600 through 1920x1200, 1080p, 4k x 2k, Deep Color, 3D, PCM 8-channel audio, Dolby Digital TrueHD Audio, and DTS HD Master Audio.  The included hardware and signal pathways also accommodate bi-directional IR and RS-232 control.

The kit is complete as follows:

  • (1) DL-HD60-ARC-TX Transmitter
  • (1) DL-HD60-ARC-RX Receiver
  • (1) Power Supply with locking connector (use at either transmitter or receiver end)
  • (1) US Power Cord
  • (4) Mounting Brackets with Screws
  • (8) Rubber Feet
  • Installation Guide

The system may be powered at either transmitter or receiver end, for maximum installation flexibility and convenience.

As with virtually all systems that are based upon twisted-pair cable technology, the Intelix DigitaLinx DL-HD60-ARC will work with virtually any twisted-pair cables, including Cat-5e and Cat-6, but range and system bandwidth are directly related to both distance and cable quality, so to get the highest resolutions at the greatest distances, you will want high-quality, low-skew cables. Check the Installation Guide for more information. If you want the very best pre-terminated unshielded Cat-6 cables, please consider our VideoTwist cables.

Like most Intelix products, the DL-HD60-ARC comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

* Range is dependent upon resolution, color depth, twisted-pair cable quality and other factors.  Please consult the Installation Guide for more details.

Manufacturer's Description


Features and Benefits

  • HDMI extension up to 220 feet
  • 4K, HDCP 1.4 compliance
  • Transmitter features S/PDIF audio output
  • Selectable ARC from HDMI input or remote receiver output connection
  • Bi-directional RS232 and IR extension
  • Flexible PoC power only requires power on one end (Either End)

DL-HD60-ARC Summary

Tired of trying to route multi-channel audio from a display or projector location when using HDMI extenders?

The NEW DL-HD60-ARC is a professional 4K HDBaseT extender set that supports Audio Return Channel (ARC) so you can route multi-channel audio back through the HDMI transmitter.

With two ARC modes you can determine if the HDMI extender transmitter will act as the ARC device with a dedicated SPDIF output or if it will connect to an audio / video receiver (AVR) via HDMI so it can route the audio back to the AVR.

With flexible power required only at one end of the extension system you can keep bulky power adapters away from your display or projector location which will help clean up your install.

An affordable, easy to deploy solution to extend HDMI and ARC up to 220 feet!


Intelix DL-HD60-ARC Transmitter, Back-Right view

The connection ports can be seen on the back of the included DL-HD60-ARC transmitter.

Intelix DL-HD60-ARC Receiver, Back-Right view

This image shows the back of the matching receiver unit, also included in the Intelix DL-HD60-ARC kit.

Audio Return Channel Example 1

This drawing shows an Audio Return Channel (ARC) application where audio is routed from a media player to an A/V receiver, both near the head unit.

Audio Return Channel Example 2

In this ARC example, audio from the remote TV is routed back to the A/V receiver at the head end of the system.

Intelix DL-HD60-ARC Manual, PDF

DL-HD60-ARC Installation Guide, in PDF format.

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DigitaLinx HDMI with ARC Audio Return Channel via HDBaseT Extender Set DL-HD60-ARC $399.95 $349.95
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