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Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREYE IR Receiver

Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREYE IR Receiver

Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREYE IR Receiver

The Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREYE IR Receiver is the perfect companion to the Intelix
DIGI-VGASD and the Intelix DIGI-V3SD. The receiver's small size and simple plug-in installation make it easy to set up.

Like most Intelix products, the DIGI-VGASD-IREYE comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Intelix's Description


Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREYE receivers are used to receive IR signals and transmit them to Intelix DIGI-VGASD series extenders. DIGI-VGASD-IREYE receivers ensure full compatibility with Intelix twisted pair extenders, as well as the highest level of IR signal transmission accuracy.

The DIGI-VGASD-IREYE is a small IR receiver which receives invisible IR signals from remote controls. When signals are detected, a small red LED will illuminate.

Design with Intelix and Design with Intelligence.

Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREYE IR Receiver- techspecs (click to download PDF)

Here is the spec sheet in PDF format.

Intelix DIGI-VGASD-IREMT IR Receiver - manual (click to download PDF)

Here is the Installation Manual in PDF format.

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