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Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 Balun Set

Pro-Grade Active Twisted-Pair Extender System

Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 over Twisted Pair Balun Set

Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 over twisted-pair Balun Set

The Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 over Twisted Pair Balun Set features an active design that makes it possible to transmit signals up up to 150 feet.

Although you wouldn't know it from reading the official specs, the DIGI-HDMI-HR will also transmit 1080p signals up to 60 feet (if you need longer 1080p range, please consider the DIGI-HDMI-UHR).

As you might expect from Intelix, the DIGI-HDMI-HR is fully HDCP-compliant. The system handles HDMI v1.2 and HDMI v1.3 in an elegant manner, so you can expect the highest signal quality. Unusual for a product in this price range, this system features electrostatic discharge protection circuitry to help prevent damage to the HDMI circuit that can occur as a result of static electric discharges, adding an extra layer of protection not only for the DIGI-HDMI-HR, but for the connected equipment as well.

For maximum convenience, the system may be powered at either the transmitter or receiver end. In fact, in many installations, the balun system can be powered from the HDMI bus...which brings us to the next useful feature: the diagnostic LEDs. For example, if the HDMI bus is providing enough power, that will be immediately apparent simply by observing the power LEDs on both the transmitter and receiver units. The handy included mounting hardware is yet another touch that makes the Intelix balun set such an appealing option.

The set includes one transmitter, one receiver, two mounting brackets and one power supply.

With its enclosed design, the Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR may be used stand-alone, or may also be rack-mounted by using an optional rack-mount kit. Connection to HDMI is via standard Type A connectors. HDMI cables are not included, but we do have them available here. Connection to the (2) twisted-pair cables is via RJ45.

As with virtually all systems that are based upon twisted-pair cable technology, the Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR will work with virtually any twisted-pair cables, including Cat-5e and Cat-6, but range and bandwidth are directly related to both distance and cable quality, so to get the highest resolutions at the greatest distances, you will want high-quality, low-skew cables. Check the installation manual for more information. If you want the very best pre-terminated cables, please consider our VideoTwist cables.

Like most Intelix products, the DIGI-HDMI-HR comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Intelix's Description

DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI over Twisted Pair Balun


  • 1080i up to 150 feet
  • [1080p up to 60 feet]
  • HDCP compliant
  • Power on either the send or receive end

The Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR transmits a high-definition HDMI signal up to 150 feet over two inexpensive twisted pair cables, such as Cat 5e or Cat 6. The DIGI-HDMI-HR supports 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i high-definition video and is HDCP compliant. Each DIGI-HDMI-HR includes one send unit, one receive unit, one power supply, and two mounting brackets. The system is powered on either the send or the receive end. Power and status LEDs provide visual diagnostics.

The DIGI-HDMI-HR features electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry which safeguards the HDMI circuit against static electricity and other destructive stray voltage.

The Intelix DigiCat Series of baluns is the ideal solution for sending digital, high-performance signals over structured cabling.

When signal quality matters, choose Intelix.

Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 over twisted-pair Balun Set - Connection Example

Example System: The DIGI-HDMI-HR balun system is used here to connect a DVD player to a remote plasma display. The distance between these devices may be up to 150 feet. Two HDMI cables are required to connect the baluns to the source and destination devices.

Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 over twisted-pair Balun Set - Specs (click to download PDF)

This is the spec sheet, in PDF format.

Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 over twisted-pair Balun Set - Manual  (click to download PDF)

Here is the Installation Manual, in PDF format.

Purchase Information
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The Intelix DIGI-HDMI-HR HDMI 1.3 Balun Set Pro-Grade Active Twisted-Pair Extender System has been replaced by DL-HDCAT-KIT. If you order, this is what you will get:

DigitaLinx Twin Category Cable HDMI 1.4 HDMI Extender Kit - Bundle includes
(1) DL-HDCAT-S transmitter, and (1) DL-HDCAT-R receiver
DL-HDCAT-KIT $290.56 $231.99
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