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Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI Balun / Extender

High-Definition over (2) Cat-5 / Cat-6 Twisted-Pair Cables

Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI over Twisted-Pair Balun / Extender

Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI over Twisted-Pair Balun / Extender

The Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI over Twisted Pair Balun / Extender provides professional-quality DVI extension at a surprisingly competitive price.

The system utilizes a pair of twisted-pair cables, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6 to transmit high-resolution DVI video.  With a range of up to 150 feet, the DIGI-DVI-F easily out-performs even the finest passive DVI cables.

The system may be powered at either the send balun or the receive balun for maximum installation flexibility. In addition, the DIGI-DVI-F DVI Balun System is HDCP-compliant, making it ideal for use in mixed HDTV and computer environments.

Each of the DIGI-DVI-F baluns may be used stand-alone, or may also be rack-mounted by using an optional rack-mount kit.

The set includes a transmitter, receiver, and a power supply.

As with virtually all systems that are based upon twisted-pair cable technology, the Intelix DIGI-DVI-F will work with virtually any twisted-pair cables, including Cat-5e and Cat-6, but range and bandwidth are directly related to both distance and cable quality, so to get the highest resolutions at the greatest distances, you will want high-quality, low-skew cables. If you want the very best pre-terminated cables, please consider our VideoTwist cables.

Like most Intelix products, the DIGI-DVI-F comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Intelix's Description


The Intelix DIGI-DVI-F transmits a high-definition DVI-D (digital visual interface) up to 150 feet over two unshielded twisted pair cables, such as Cat 5e or Cat 6. The DIGI-DVI-F is HDCP compliant, MAC compatible, supports standard HDTV and VESA resolutions, and supports the DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors. The unit may be powered on either the send or receive end and features diagnostic LEDs.

The Intelix DIGI-DVI-F is Mac compatible and HDCP compliant.

The Intelix DigiCat Series of baluns is the ideal solution for sending digital, high-performance signals over structured cabling.

When signal quality matters, choose Intelix.

Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI over Twisted-Pair Balun / Extender - Connection Example

In this connection example, a computer is connected to a remote plasma via Intelix DIGI-DVI-F send and receive baluns and two runs of Cat 5 cabling. Each Intelix DIGI-DVI-F contains one send balun, one receive balun, and one power supply. The unit may be powered on either the send or receive end.

Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI over Twisted-Pair Balun / Extender - Specs (click to download PDF)

This is the spec sheet, in PDF format.

Intelix DIGI-DVI-F DVI over Twisted-Pair Balun / Extender - Manual (click to download PDF)

Here is the Installation Manual, in PDF format.

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