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Intelix AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Audio Balun

Pro-Grade Passive Cat-5 Extender with Four RCA Jacks

Intelix AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Analog Audio Balun - Pro-Grade Passive CAT 5 Extender for Analog Audio

Intelix AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Analog Audio Balun - Pro-Grade Passive CAT 5 Extender for Analog Audio

The Intelix AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Analog Audio Balun transmits/receives dual stereo (or four mono) audio signals up to 2500 feet over a single CAT 5 type cable. 

This professional-grade device uses a high-performance passive design to deliver audiophile-quality sound, making it the ideal choice for corporate A/V, schools, churches, auditoriums, as well as for discriminating individuals - just about any situation that involves audio distribution.

With its enclosed design, the Intelix AVO-A4-F may be used stand-alone, or may also be rack-mounted by using an optional rack-mount kit.

Audio connectors are RCA-female, color-coded white and red for use with standard audio interconnect cables, while the connection to the twisted-pair cable is via RJ45.

Notice that Intelix baluns are designed to work with standard unshielded CAT5, CAT6 or CAT7 twisted-pair cable - shielded cable is not required!  If you want the very best RJ45 pre-terminated twisted-pair cables, please check out our VideoTwist Cat-6 cables.

These units are sold singly, so you must purchase pairs, combine with another A4-series balun, or use with the
AVDA-8-F Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier Balun. (add to your cart below)

Like most Intelix products, the AVO-A4-F comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Intelix's Description

AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Audio Balun

The Intelix AVO-A4-F is an ultra-high performance audio balun designed for applications where audio quality is critical, such as high-end residential and broadcast. Used in pairs, the AVO-A4-F is the perfect solution for transmitting four channels of analog audio over structured cabling, such as Cat 5. Simply place an AVO-A4-F at each end of your cable run and connect your source and destination devices.

The Intelix AVO-A4 balun transmits four mono or two stereo analog audio signals via standard structured cabling, such as Cat 5. Used in pairs, the AVO-A4 transmits analog audio in either direction up to 2,500 feet and is ideal for corporate A/V, churches, schools, auditoriums, and almost any other situation involving audio distribution.

The Intelix AvoCat Series of baluns is the ideal solution for sending audio and video over structured cabling.

When signal quality matters, choose Intelix.

Intelix AVO-A4-F Duak Stereo Audio Balun - Connection Example

In this connection example, two
AVO-A4-F baluns connect a remote CD player and a remote satellite audio feed to a receiver. The distance between these devices may be up to 2500 feet. Three patch cords with RCA connectors are required to connect the baluns to the source and destination devices. (Patch cords sold separately.)

Intelix AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Audio Balun tech specs - click to download PDF

Here are the tech specs - click to download PDF.

Intelix DIGI-HD-UHR2-R Dual Stereo Audio Balun Installation Manual in PDF format

This is the Installation Manual - click to download PDF.

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