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Gefen Standard-Distance DVI Cable

DVI-D Single-Link, male to male - Special close-out pricing, while they last!

Gefen DVI-D Cables, Z-Series (Commercial Grade)

Gefen DVI-D Cable, shown here in blue

These Gefen DVI-D Single-Link Cables are ideal for plasma, DLP, LCD, LCoS, SXRD and CRT flat panel displays, monitors and projectors.  These single-link cables are suitable for for all HDTV resolutions up to and including 1080p as well as digital computer displays up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (WUXGA) with CVT-RB blanking.

These Gefen cables feature connector over-molds with integrated strain-reliefs and all contact points are gold-plated to ensure high performance and long life.

We have sold many thousands of cables, so we have a lot of experience with how cables work in the real world.  We have found Gefen cables to consistently deliver a high level of performance.  To date, we have never had a Gefen cable returned because of a performance problem.  We think that speaks very well for their quality and consistency.  It is certainly something that cannot be said of every cable that we have offered over the years.

Available Lengths / Styles

Gefen DVI-D Cables, Single Link, male/male

  • CAB-DVIC-01MM-BLK     1 foot, black, ferrite chokes
  • CAB-DVIC-10MM-BLK     10 foot, black
Gefen 6 foot DVI Cable

Gefen DVI-D cable.  A 6-foot cable is pictured here in blue, but you may choose other length(s) below.

Gefen 6 foot DVI Cable

Here is a closer look at the connector on the blue cable.

Gefen 10 foot DVI Cable

This picture shows a 10 foot cable in black.

Gefen 1 foot DVI Cable

Shown here is the 1 foot cable in black.

Purchase Information
Product Description SKU MSRP Close-out Pricing Quantity
Gefen DVID Cable, black, ferrite chokes, 1 foot CAB-DVIC-01MM-BLK $29.99 $15.00
Gefen DVID Cable, black, 10 foot CAB-DVIC-10MM-BLK $59.00 $30.00
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