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Gefen ADA-DVI-2-VGA DVI to VGA Adapter

DVI male / HD-15 VGA-female

Gefen ADA-DVI-2-VGA, DVI to VGA Adapter

Gefen ADA-DVI-2-VGA, DVI to VGA Adapter

The Gefen ADA-DVI-2-VGA CGA to DVI adapter,  makes it possible to connect a VGA cable to equipment with a DVI-I connector.  For example, some computers have DVI-I output connectors that can be configured to output either VGA or DVI video.

In the example above the ADA-DVI-2-VGA adapter would be installed at the DVI connector on the computer video card, and the monitor's VGA cable would be connected to the adapter.  Some manufacturers refer to this connection as DVI-A, presumable to denote DVI-Analog.

Please notice that this adapter supports analog video only.

Gefen ADA-DVI-2-VGA, DVI to VGA Adapter, DVI connector

This picture shows the DVI side of the adapter.

Gefen ADA-DVI-2-VGA, DVI to VGA Adapter, DVI pins

The gold-plated DVI pins can be seen in this close-up view.

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Gefen DVI-male to VGA-female Adapter ADA-DVI-2-VGA $29.00 $26.10
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