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DVDO 11-2015-01 VGA Cable, HD-15 male/male

2 meter (6.6 foot) length

DVDO 11-2015-01 VGA Cable HD15

DVDO 11-2015-01 VGA Cable - In this photo, the HD-15 connector can be seen clearly.  Notice the gold-plated pins, as well as the handy thumb screws.

DVDO 11-2015-01 VGA cables are great for use with iScan processors, or anywhere that a good quality VGA-male / male connection is needed.

The cable has ferrite chokes to stop RFI and EMI.  Overall OD is just under 0.5 inch.  The connectors are quipped with integrated strain-reliefs and handy thumbscrews.

Please notice that this cable has been optimized for HDTV applications.  The generous outer jacket houses five individually shielded 75 Ohm coaxial cables to ensure accurate signal timing and minimal EM ingress.  It will work well for standard VGA applications, with the understanding that PC Plug and Play functionality has been sacrificed in favor of better HDTV performance.  This just means that if you use this cable in a pure PC environment, you will have to manually select the monitor parameters.

VGA-male is also known as HD-15 male.

Pricing for these manufactured cables is lower than our custom-built cables, so if you can use this exact length and configuration, you can save some money.

DVDO 11-2015-01 VGA Cable HD15

This VGA cable delivers a pure, high-resolution video signal for sharp, natural-looking images.

DVDO 11-2015-01 VGA Cable HD15 - package

Shown here is the packaged cable.

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DVDO VGA Cable, HD-15 male/male - 6 foot 11-2015-01 $49.00 $39.00
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