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Canare L-4E6S Star Quad Balanced Audio Cable

Single-channel Interconnect with Neutrik XLR or Canare F-Series Connectors

Canare L-4E6S Balanced Audio Interconnect Cable with Neutrik X-Series XLR Connectors

Canare L-4E6S Balanced Audio Interconnect Cable with Neutrik X-Series XLR Connectors.  Notice the nice finish work on the metal connector bodies and the gold-plated pins.

These Canare L-4E6S Star Quad balanced audio interconnect cables are perfect for connecting pre-amps, processors, amplifiers, receivers, subwoofers, or any equipment that is equipped with 3-pin XLR-style balanced audio connectors (see other connector options below). 

Choose from a wide range of lengths, 10 different connector options, and three different jacket colors.  These interconnects are sold singly, but of course, you can purchase multiples for stereo or multi-channel hook-ups.  Excellent for microphones and mixers as well.

We custom-build these cables at order time, especially for you.  Canare Star Quad is harder to work with than most balanced cables, so it is a labor-intensive build, requiring something like an hour to build a single stereo pair.  This is highly-skilled work, done by Americans, right here in our shop in Texas.

You may have seen Canare cable assemblies that are selling for less, but our version is hand-crafted, using the finest connectors from Neutrik and Canare. We use only fresh cable stock and connectors - no old stock or factory seconds.  Our terminations are hand-soldered, using the best techniques and the finest silver solder.

The Cable

We use Canare's best balanced audio cable, L-4E6S - Canare's premier Star Quad cable!  This super-flexible cable features four conductors, arranged in a Star Quad configuration.  Each of the four conductors is made of forty strands of high-conductivity annealed copper, for an aggregate gauge of 21 AWG.  Canare uses natural cotton fillers to maintain the smooth, round, form-factor of the cable, while maintaining maximum flexibility.  A braided shield contributes further to the remarkable flexibility and long flex-life of this cable.  The jacket is satin smooth to the touch and has a non-glare matte finish.

The famous Star Quad design cancels electromagnetically induced noise (EM) by its very design.  The noise is reduced to less than one-tenth of the level found in some competitor's cables.  Canare uses a special process to create a cross-linked polymer compound for the insulation.  This means that the dielectric has a lower capacitance, resulting in superior frequency response.  To further reduce noise, a high-density braided, tinned-copper shield is used.  Unlike spirally shielded cables, Canare's braided shield is designed to prevent spreading over time.  The braid is made from a large number of thin copper strands for outstanding noise rejection, super flexibility and long flex-life.

The result is superior signal transmission with the lowest possible noise.

Neutrik XLR Connectors

Our standard configuration uses Neutrik "X Series" connectors, which are arguably the most respected XLR connectors available today.  This connector works so well with Canare cable that Canare has actually featured it in their own catalog.  As an option, we also offer the excellent Neutrik XX-Series connectors.  Both have copper-plated alloy shells with a black chrome finish for optimum shielding and long-lasting beauty.  The contacts are gold-plated for consistent high-conductivity contact.  In addition, they have a highly effective integrated strain-relief system to help prevent cable and connection damage.

Other Connector Options

We also have some alternate connectors available for applications where a balanced cable may be useful, but one or more pieces of the connected equipment do not have XLR connectors.  Options include TRS-male (stereo phone), TS-male (phone), and RCA-male.

For these applications, we use Canare's excellent F-Series connectors.  They feature a one-piece body with a pure brass bar that runs the full length of the handle.  Canare claims that the design is 50% stronger than ordinary plugs and 20% stronger than other high-grade plugs.  The solid brass handle shuts out static and EM noise.  A satin-finished nickel plating provides long-lasting protection and beauty.  A spring-type strain-relief prevents cable damage due to repeated bending at the cable entry point, so cables last up to three times longer than with plugs that do not have strain-reliefs.

When considering the use of adapter cables, please keep in mind that while unbalanced to balanced conversion cables typically work well, the reverse is not true - balanced to unbalanced conversion almost always requires a converter device, such as the Jensen Transformers PC-2XR.  Please consider too that L-4E6S is a balanced cable, so while it lends itself very well to unbalanced to balanced conversion applications, if you are considering unbalanced connectors (such as RCA) for both ends, you would probably be better served by this cable: Canare GS-6

Custom Cable Notice - Please Read!

If you decide to favor us with an order for any configuration shown on this pager, the cable(s) must then be hand-built to your specifications. These are not mass-produced cables, so while we do accept returns, because of the large investment of time, returns for any reason simply must require a significant restocking fee. With that in mind, please check your order carefully!  If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Canare L-4E6S Balanced Stereo Audio Interconnect Cable, 1 meter, red

Pictured here is a 1 meter Cable with red jacket - please choose the length and color that you prefer below. 

Canare L-4E6S Balanced Audio Stereo Interconnect Cable, 1.5 meter, white

Here is an example of a 1.5 meter Cable with white jacket - you can choose the length and color that you prefer below

Canare L-4E6S Balanced Audio Interconnect Cable, 1 meter, black

Shown here is a 1 meter Cable with black jacket

Canare L-4E6S Balanced Audio Stereo Interconnect Cable - jacket

Here is a closer look at the cable itself.  Notice the high-quality of the black anodized finish on the Neutrik X-Series metal connector body as well.

Canare L-4E6S Balanced Audio Stereo Interconnect Cable, Neutrik XX-Series connectors

Shown here are the optional XX-Series
Neutrik 3-pin XLR connectors. They deliver the same high performance as the X-Series along with an alternate aesthetic.

Neutrik BXX Color-Coded Strain-Relief

If you choose the XX-Series connectors shown just above, you then have the option to also choose from 10 different strain-relief color-codes, or ten different color-coding ring colors.  The strain-relief shown here is color-coded red, and has  a black color-coding ring.

Canare F-Series Connectors

This cable can also be fitted with Canare's excellent F-Series connectors.
F-09 is a slim-line RCA connector.
F-10 is a deluxe RCA connector with PTFE dielectric.
F-11 is a 3.5 mm TS (mono mini-phone),
F-12 is a 3.5mm TRS (stereo mini-phone).
F-12F is a 3.5mm TRS-female (stereo mini-phone).
F-15 is a 1/4" TS (mono phone).
F-16 is a 1/4" TRS (stereo phone).

Canare L-4E6S Balance Audio Interconnect Cable - detail drawing

Details about Canare's Star Quad construction are shown in this drawing

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Canare L-4E6S Interconnect Cable
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Jacket Color
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BXX Strain-Relief Color-Code (XX-Series connectors only)
XXR Color-Coding Ring (XX-Series connectors only)
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