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Cable Solutions Signature Series V3-3C High-performance
VGA Break-out Cable

High-capacity VGA connector, RCA female/male or BNC-male connector options

Cable Solutions Signature Series High-performance VGA Break-out Cable

Cable Solutions Signature Series V3-3C High-performance VGA Break-out Cable  This VGA-male to RCA-female is our "standard" configuration.

This Canare V3-3C Jacketed Video Breakout Cable has three channels, making it perfect for R/G/B and Y/Pb/Pr applications.  Connector options include HD-15 (VGA) and  RCA connectors in both male and female genders as well as BNC-male connectors.

The VGA-style connector is also known as HD15, HD-15, DB15, DB-15, RGBHV, R/G/B/H/V, RGB/HV, RGB (HV) RGB, and any number of other variations.  For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to them here simply as "VGA connectors".

This is a high-performance breakout cable, used to connect equipment with VGA-style connectors to standard component video equipment or cables.  For example, one might use a short VGA-male/RCA-female break-out cable (like the one pictured at the right) to connect a piece of equipment with a VGA connector to a standard component video cable.

Longer cables can be used as a complete end to end solution.  For example, a VGA-male/RCA-male cable would be ideal for connecting a DVD player with component video outputs to a projector that can accept component video via a VGA connector.

Of course, this cable will not convert signal format or colorspace.  Your display device must be able to accommodate the signal from your source equipment.  We have active converters if you need them.

VGA Connectors

Our VGA connectors have gold-plated pins and a special oversized shielded metal hood.  These connectors are available in both male and female pin genders - choose at the lower right.  These high-capacity connectors are large enough to accommodate full-sized Canare V3-3C component video cable.  This larger cable is a perfect match for Canare's excellent impedance-matched connector system.

RCA Connectors

Impedance matched RCA connectors are very rare.  Impedance-matched inline RCA-female connectors are so rare that that you probably won't find a VGA-to-RCA-female breakout cable assembly design that uses impedance-matched RCA connectors anywhere else.  By maintaining a constant 75 Ohm impedance, ghosting, ringing, signal loss, and other artifacts associated with impedance mismatch are prevented.

BNC Connectors

Impedance-matched BNC connectors are somewhat less rare than their RCA counterparts, but Canare's BNC connectors are certainly among the finest.  They have heavy nickel-plated bodies, beryllium copper contact fingers, and gold-plated pins.  These are impedance-matched 75 Ohm connectors, and cannot be compared to low-cost data-grade 50 Ohm connectors that are found on many inexpensive cables.

High-performance Breakout Setup

As mentioned above, an excellent application for this type of cable would be a short VGA-male/RCA-female break-out cable (like the one pictured at the right) to connect a piece of equipment with a VGA connector to a standard component video cable.

Since BNC connectors are both electrically and mechanically superior to RCA connectors (particularly non-Canare RCA connectors), if you do not already have component video cables to complete your breakout setup, you may want to consider a breakout cable setup with BNC connectors.

Either way, RCA or BNC, if you need cables to complete your break-out setup, please check our cables page.  We offer color-coded cables separately, in any combination of BNC, RCA, or "F" type connectors, so you can have an elegant, adaptorless hook-up between just about any two pieces of equipment.  If you don't find what you need, or if you need some help, please feel free to contact us.

Canare V3-3C VGA / RCA-female Breakout Cable

Here is our high-capacity VGA-male connector. All contact points are gold plated for long, reliable performance. You may also select VGA-female.

Connector End Preparation

Here's another view of the end preparation.

Canare V3-3C VGA / RCA-female Breakout Cable

This picture gives you a close look at the RCA-female termination option. Notice that here again, all contact points are gold-plated.

Canare V3-3C VGA / RCA-male Breakout Cable

Here is the RCA-male connector option.

Canare BNC Connector Option

In this photo, you can see the BNC-male termination option in great detail.

Canare V3-3C VGA / RCA-female Breakout Cable

Shown here is a packaged half-meter cable with VGA-male / RCA-female terminations. Please choose the length and configuration that you need below.

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Signature Series V3-3C VGA Break-out Cable
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Connector on first end
Connector on second end
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