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Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77"
Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable (CEA)

with Canare's Remarkable "True 75 Ohm" Connectors

Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable with Canare "True 75 Ohm" Connectors

Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable with Canare "True 75 Ohm" Connectors

This Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable is ideal for PCM stereo, Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel surround sound, or any digital audio connection.

This assembly uses "the best of the best" Canare components, combined with our own Signature end treatments for superior mechanical dampening, strain-relief and CEA-standard color-coding. Select from a wide range of lengths below, along with your choice of RCA or BNC connectors.

If you're convinced, you can just click here to select the length and terminations that you prefer.  If you would like to learn why we think this is the finest cable you can buy at any price, please read on!

Quest for Flawless Performance

We have found that connectors are key to great cable performance.  Exotic conductors and shielding are fine, but in our experience, the connectors can make more difference than the cable itself.

Ironically, the most common connector used for interconnecting consumer A/V gear may also be the worst connector in general use today.  Generic RCA type audio plugs and cables have been around since the 1940s, but the old solder-type plugs typically have an impedance of about 25 ohms. As a result, they exhibit extremely poor return loss performance, even when mated to high quality cable. Some of the most expensive "high end" cables still rely on connector designs that are both electrically and mechanically inferior.

With this in mind, we have chosen Canare's excellent "True 75 Ohm" RCA crimp plugs for our Signature Series cables.  They are impedance matched to ensure flawless digital audio performance. They have a usable bandwidth of over 200 MHz and VSWR is typically less than 1.1:1 from DC to 200 MHz!  The design ensures highly consistent, reliable connections.

Canare connectors connect up smoothly to protect your equipment investment. If you look at the picture at the right, you can see the gold-plated center shaft. If you click on the picture, you can get a better look at the gold-plated beryllium copper internal pressure fingers.  The design ensures excellent contact, while solving the "grip of death" problem that can be an issue with Monster and some of the other manufacturers' connectors. (Those "grip of death" connectors put unnecessary strain on your equipment!)

We install the connectors using Canare tools that always prepare the cable ends just right.  The connectors are crimped in place, using heavy, precision-machined dies.  The crimps are so tight that oxygen is excluded.  This exclusion prevents the corrosion that can degrade even the best soldered connections.

Our Signature Series cables feature custom-imprinted color-coded heat-shrink tubing.  This full-coverage sheathing creates a more unified termination, which helps to dampen mechanical vibrations, known as "microphonics" that can occur in cables when high sound levels are present.  By mechanically dampening these vibrations, we minimize the stray signals that are induced when the cables move through environmental EM fields.

From a usability perspective, our smooth cable assembly helps prevent snagging.  If you do a lot of cabling work, setting up and knocking down systems, you know what I mean.

The Cable

We use oversized 7.7mm Canare precision coaxial cable.  We use only select cuts of the cable, from the outer part of the spool, so curl and dielectric deformation are minimized.  It is big coax, but the stranded center conductor and braided shielding ensure excellent flexibility and long life.  The cable's compliant nature makes it easy to handle and route.

To ensure the flawless transmission of your digital signal, this high-performance cable features two layers of braided copper shielding.  This outstanding cable joins Canare's impedance matched connectors and our fully sheathed terminations in the quest for bit-perfect digital audio.  In short, you will get the best digital sound that your system can deliver.

Editor's note: The almost infamous Canare DigiFlex Gold cable assemblies use a smaller, 6.1mm, single-shielded, version of this cable.  They have earned many glowing reviews...just imagine what they will say when they review this one!

1 M Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable, 1 meter

Pictured here is a 1 meter Cable.  Please select the length that you prefer below.

Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" RCA Connector

Here is a closer look at the end preparation.  Our Signature shrink tubing gives this cable a distinctive custom look while providing mechanical damping,  essential strain-relief and Consumer Electronics Association standard color-coding.

Those of you who handle a lot of patch cables will appreciate the snag resistant design...this cable assembly is nice and smooth.

Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" RCA Connector, closeup view of the beryllium copper pressure fingers

The gold-plated beryllium copper pressure fingers can be seen in this extreme close-up.

Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" BNC connector option

Shown here is the BNC connector option.

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Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable
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Why Cable Solutions?

The best cable, the best connectors, and one of the finest solders available...when you take a system this good and put it in the hands of technicians as good as ours, it becomes an awesome system!  Design excellence, high quality materials, meticulous workmanship, and superior service...put it all together and you get a superior product.  Don't get stuck with bad advice, poor service, slow shipment or an inferior product.  If you want the best, here it is!