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Cable Solutions High-Grade XLR "Y" Cable
1-XLR-male / 2-XLR-female

OFHC conductors, metal connector bodies, YHG-1XLRM-2XLRF

Cable Solutions YHG-1XLRM-2XLRF High-Grade "Y" Cable

Cable Solutions YHG-1XLRM-2XLRF High-Grade "Y" Cable
1-XLR-male / 2-XLR-female, OFHC, metal connector bodies

Cable Solutions YHG-1XLRM-2XLRF High-Grade XLR "Y" Cables feature fully-shielded 8mm (0.32") OFHC Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity copper cable, terminated with metal-bodied connectors.

The connectors have nickel-plated bodies and contact surfaces to ensure reliable low-noise connections.  Cable length between the connectors is 165mm (6.5").

These manufactured "Y" cables have one XLR-male connector on one end and two XLR-female connectors on the other ends, making them perfect for for connecting two sources to a single XLR input.


Like most Cable Solutions products, our HG-1XLRF-2XLRM High-Grade "Y" Cables come with a one year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Cable Solutions High-Grade XLR "Y" Cable YHG-1XLRM-2XLRF quick-release mechanisms

The quick-release mechanisms can be seen in this view.

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Cable Solutions High-Grade XLR "Y" Cable CD:YHG-1XLRM-2XLRF $22.95 $20.49
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