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Cable Solutions IR-SYS IR Repeater System

Interference-Rejecting, Plasma, LCD and CFL Friendly

Cable Solutions IR-SYS IR Repeater System

Cable Solutions IR-SYS IR Repeater System

Cable Solutions IR-SYS IR Repeater System comes with everything you need to overcome line-of-sight IR control limitations, including a miniature surface-mount IR receiver, powered terminal connecting block, surface-mount IR emitter, and a power supply.

The included receiver has a wideband design that can receive signals from virtually any IR remote control.  The design is virtually "plasma-proof" and CFL-friendly, making it perfect for use with both LCD and plasma displays.

Automatic Gain Control reduces interference to ensure reliable performance in a wide range of installation environments while extending on-axis IR range to as far as 80 feet.

At just 1.76" x 0.61" x 0.50", the receiver is small enough to fit just about anywhere.  With the included pressure-sensitive adhesive, mechanical installation is as simple as peel-and-stick.  The receiver has a 3 meter (9.8 foot) cable, terminated with a 3.5mm TRS-mini (stereo-type) plug, making it simple to connect to the included IR-TERM connecting block.

The included IR-TERM connecting block can accept IR receiver inputs via 3.5mm jack, terminal strip, or coax, so for short runs, the receiver just plugs right in.  The terminal strip and coax options are perfect for longer runs.  The IR-TERM powered terminal connecting block has six 3.5mm output jacks, making it easy to send IR signals to six or more emitters.  LED status lights are included for IR signal confirmation and power.

The system comes with (1) IR-EMTR-F-1-35 single blink emitter, and can be expanded by adding additional optional single, dual or triple emitters. (add to your cart below)


  • Wide-band Demodulator is compatible with most remote controls
  • AGC (automatic Gain Control) reduces interference and improves reliability
  • Compact design offers a wide range of installation options
  • Handy blue LED gives visual confirmation of IR signal reception
  • 12VDC power supplied by included AC power supply
  • Reliable micro-controller IR circuit design
  • Receiver Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1.76" x 0.61" x 0.50"
  • Terminal Connecting Block Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1.95" x 2.25" x .98'
  • Receiver Frequency Range: 36kHz to 58 kHz
  • Transmit Frequency Range: 40kHz to 56 kHz
  • Extended IR Reception Range
    • Range (on-axis): 55 to 80 feet
    • Range (30° off-axis): 30 to 55 feet
  • Receiver Termination: 3 meter (9.8 foot) cable with 3.5mm stereo-type plug
  • Emitter Termination: 2 meter (6.6 foot) cable with 3.5mm mono-type plug
  • Color: Black


Like most Cable Solutions products, the IR-SYS comes with a one year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Cable Solutions IR-TERM terminal connecting block

Here is a closer look at the included
IR-TERM terminal connecting block.

Cable Solutions IR-RCVR miniature surface mount receiver

Shown here is the included IR-RCVR miniature surface-mount receiver.

Cable Solutions IR-EMTR-F-1-35 blink emitter

This is the IR-EMTR-1-35 IR emitter.  One (1) is included with the system and additional emitters may be added below.

Cable Solutions IR Repeater System Flyer - PDF

This flyer shows how the all of the pieces of the IR-SYS IR distribution system fit together. (click to download PDF)

Cable Solutions IR Repeater System manual - PDF

Here is the manual. (click to download PDF)

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Product Description SKU MSRP Your Price Quantity
IR Repeater System IR-SYS  $149.95 $119.90
Single IR Emitter IR-EMTR-F-1-35 $5.99 $4.99 
Dual IR Emitter IR-EMTR-F-2-35 $6.99 $5.99
IR Emitter Cover 92-150 $1.00 $0.90
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