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Cable Solutions "FV Series" DVI-D to HDMI Digital Cable

Single Link Professional Quality, High Performance

Cable Solutions "FV Series" DVI-D to HDMI Digital Cable

Cable Solutions "FV Series" DVI-D to HDMI Digital Cable

Our pro-quality Cable Solutions FV Series Single Link DVI to HDMI Digital  cable enables flawless connections.  It is ideal for high resolution computer monitors, plasma, LCD, DLP, LCoS, SXRD, and CRT flat panel displays, monitors and projectors, or any connection that needs to interface between DVI and HDMI (or HDMI to DVI).

This high-quality single link cable ensures error-free, bit-perfect digital transmissions for all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, and for computer resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz, so you will get the best video that your system can deliver.  The DVI connector has handy thumb screws for a secure fit along with integrated strain relief.

Conversion Applications

The HDMI specification requires that all HDMI-enabled equipment must have built-in support for DVI-style signals, so with a few notable exceptions, passive conversion cables like this one work very well. Of course the DVI specification does not support digital audio, so no cable or passive adapter can send HDMI audio via DVI.  Likewise, HDMI does not support analog video, so no cable or passive adapter can handle that type of conversion.  With that said, if you are seeking a digital video connection (as most customers are), then these cables will serve you very well.

Review From The Real World

When comparing digital cables, it can be very difficult to make an intelligent buying decision. Some cables that look very good actually work very badly.  Some cables look less impressive, but work flawlessly.  There is some truth to the old idea that you get what you pay for.  For example, if you see a 2 meter HDMI cable for under $20.00, you would have to expect some compromises in materials, workmanship, and ultimately, in performance.  At the same time, higher price does not necessarily equate to higher performance.  For example, consider the 2 meter Monster M1000DV HDMI to DVI cable, model M1000HDMI/DVI-2M - it works well, but it also sells for $250.00.

By comparison, our FV Series DVI to HDMI cable lists for far less and also it works very well.  In fact, a number of our customers who have reported problems with their Monster cables, have solved those problems by switching to our cables

You may have read references to exotic-sounding materials, like "Nitrogen gas injected dielectric" and "Silver-plated pure copper".  You may also notice that some manufacturers make use of gold plating for connector shells.  Our FV Series cables also use a gas-injected dielectric material.  While it is true that silver is a slightly better conductor than copper at DC, the difference becomes insignificant in this application.  Gold is actually somewhat less conductive than copper, so solid gold conductors are not desirable.  Gold plating on connector shells neither helps nor hurts performance, so it falls into the category of cosmetic appeal.  On the other hand, gold does have at least one desirable characteristic as it relates to cable engineering - it is highly resistant to oxidation.  That is why we use gold-plating at all connector contact points.

In short, our FV Series cables provide a very high level of performance and dependability in a low to mid-priced cable.  You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your cables are not limiting the performance of your system, and as you are enjoying your digitally-perfect picture, you can also take comfort in the knowledge that you have avoided spending too much.  A wealthy man once said that there is no status in having paid too much.

We have sold many thousands of cables, so we have a lot of experience with how cables work in the real world. When we went looking for a manufacturer to build our FV Series cables, we already knew exactly what is would take to consistently deliver a high level of performance.  We chose a manufacturer that had been building cables for another manufacturer whose cables had proven themselves to be great performers.  If the pictures look familiar, that would be the reason.  We know from experience, that these cables are excellent performers.

Cable Solutions "FV Series" DVI-D to HDMI Digital Cable

Pictured above is a 5 meter DVI-D to HDMI .

Cable Solutions "FV Series" DVI-D to HDMI Digital Cable

This picture shows the cable in the package.

Purchase Information
Product Description SKU MSRP Your Price Quantity
5 meter (16.4 foot) Cable Solutions "FV Series" DVI-D to HDMI Single Link Digital Cable, male to male CSFV-050-DVID-HDMI $108.30 $58.65
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Why Cable Solutions?

The best cable, the best connectors, and one of the finest solders available...when you take a system this good and put it in the hands of technicians as good as ours, it becomes an awesome system!  Design excellence, high quality materials, meticulous workmanship, and superior service...put it all together and you get a superior product.  Don't get stuck with bad advice, poor service, slow shipment or an inferior product.  If you want the best, here it is!