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HDMI-female to DVI-male Adapter ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM


HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM

HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM - the gold-plated HDMI-female connector and the handy thumbscrews can be seen in this photo.

Our ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter makes it simple to connect HDMI cables to DVI-enabled equipment such as as DVD players, satellite receivers, cable TV boxes, terrestrial set-top boxes, HDTVs, projectors, or any DVI-enabled equipment.  The adapter is bi-directional, so it can be used to solve a wide variety of DVI-to-HDMI or HDMI-to-DVI connection problems.

Featuring gold-plated shell and contact points, this elegant adapter ensures error-free, bit-perfect digital transmissions so you get the best video that your system can deliver.


HDMI is similar to DVI in some respects, but the HDMI interface uses a smaller connector than DVI.  Both DVI and HDMI specifications can handle high-bandwidth uncompressed video.  Since all HDMI-enabled equipment is electrically compatible with DVI, this adapter is all that is needed to accomplish the conversion.  HDMI can also accommodate multi-channel digital audio, but since the DVI specification is for video only, it is not possible to send HDMI audio to a DVI device.  Keep in mind also that HDMI is a digital-only specification, so it will not work with analog DVI.  If your goal is to accomplish a digital video connection, then this will work very well for you.


Like most Cable Solutions products, our ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM comes with a one year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM - DVI pins

The gold-plated shell and pins can be seen on the DVI side of the adapter.  This side would typically be connected to a piece of equipment.

HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM - molded body

Here is a closer look at the HDMI connector.  An HDMI cable would usually be connected to this end.

HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM - DVI end

This is another view of the DVI end of the adapter.

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HDMI-female to DVI-male adapter  ADA-HDMIF-2-DVIM $19.99 $8.99
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