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Audio Authority Cat-5 Distribution Systems

Feature Comparison

Audio Authority's Cat 5 systems include the HLX (up to 16 x 168 matrix), AVAtrix (6x6 matrix), the SixDrive (1:6 distribution system), the DuoDrive (1:2 distribution system) and the UniDrive (1:1 HD extender) and now the single Cat 5 (1:2 extender) SCP-11 and SCP-11D. The table below compares the kits (AVAtrix does not include receivers). The drivers and receivers are available separately as well. The dual Cat 5 systems work with single Cat 5 receivers (an adapter is required).

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Audio Authority Cat-5  Distribution Systems Feature Comparison

*Matrixed Outputs refer to independently switchable outputs

**Mirrored Outputs refer to simultaneous, non-switchable outputs.