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Audio Authority DVI Cables

Z-Series (Commercial Grade Dual-link DVI-D), ZD-1813-xx

Audio Authority DVI-D Cables, Z-Series (Commercial Grade)

Audio Authority DVI-D Cables, Z-Series (Commercial Grade), ZD-DVI-xx

These Audio Authority Z-Series DVI-D Dual-Link Cables are ideal for plasma, DLP, LCD, LCoS, SXRD and CRT flat panel displays, monitors and projectors.  Because they are dual-link cables, the ZD-1813-series cables are also suited for even the highest-resolution digital computer displays.

Audio Authority's commercial-grade cables offer consistent quality at a surprisingly affordable price! The cables feature connector over-molds with integrated strain-reliefs. All contact points are gold-plated to ensure high performance and long life.

Like most Audio Authority products, the ZD-DVI series cables comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Audio Authority's Description

DVI-D Cables (Commercial Grade)

Dual Link DVI-D with 2 ferrites, male to male

  • ZD-1813-6 / 6 foot
  • ZD-1813-9 / 9 foot
  • ZD-1813-15 / 15 foot
  • ZD-1813-36 / 36 foot
Audio Authority ZD-DVI-D-6, 6 foot cable

Audio Authority Z-Series DVI-D cable.  A 6-foot cable is pictured here, but you may choose the length(s) that you need below.

Purchase Information
Product Description SKU MSRP Your Price Quantity
6 foot Z-Series Dual-Link DVI-D Cable ZD-1813-6 $35.00 $32.50
9 foot Z-Series Dual-Link DVI-D Cable ZD-1813-9 $40.00 $36.00
15 foot Z-Series Dual-Link DVI-D Cable ZD-1813-15 $45.00 $40.50
36 foot Z-Series Dual-Link DVI-D Cable ZD-1813-36 $90.00 $81.00
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