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Audio Authority 977RPO

TOSLink Optical to Coaxial Digital Audio Converter

Audio Authority 977RPO TOSLink Optical to Coaxial Digital Audio Converter.

Audio Authority 977RPO TOSLink Optical to Coaxial Digital Audio Converter. Notice that there is a removable protective cap installed in the optical input port.

The Audio Authority 977RPO TOSLink Optical to Coaxial Digital Audio Converter gives you optical compatibility when and where you need it.  The 977RPO optical adapter can be connected in-line between otherwise incompatible units, providing flawless conversion from optical signals to PCM coaxial signals.

Unlike some of the lesser digital audio converters that you may have seen, the 977RPO can handle virtually any digital audio signal that travels on digital coax or digital optical audio cables, so, for example, it can easily handle
24 bit / 96 KHz signals.

This small device provides an elegant solution to a number of vexing problems. For example, suppose that you have a digital audio source, such as a satellite receiver that is equipped only with an optical digital output, but your receiver, processor, or other device does not have a free optical input. Another great use is for long cable runs. Optical digital cables are made in a factory, so they are commonly available only in a few standard lengths, but we can build coaxial digital cables in virtually any length you need, right here in our shop. Another great application is in cases where custom install wiring is already in place.

There are many possible scenarios, but with this device, there is no problem - just hook it up! We also offer the Audio Authority 977TPO to convert coaxial digital audio to optical digital audio.

All conversion is done in the digital domain, so there is no signal loss or distortion. Nothing is added to or removed from the signal, so you can expect the output sound to be a bit-for-bit perfect replica of the input sound.

Included items

As you can see in the picture, the package includes the 977RPO device itself, a TOSLink optical digital cable, documentation sheet, and a power supply, factory packed in the box as shown.

Like most Audio Authority products, the Model 977RPO comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Audio Authority's Description

Digital Optical to Coaxial Audio Converter

Model 977RPO

This simple, reliable converter transcodes digital audio from optical to coaxial format.

Key Features

  • Digital optical to digital coaxial converter
  • Supports Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel audio signals
  • Includes power supply
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Made in the USA

Many of today's newest digital audio components cannot be connected (digitally) to one another because different manufacturers use different input/output formats (TosLink®/Optical or Coax). Audio Authority's Model 977 Series solves the problem by allowing you to convert digital signals from Coax to Optical or vice versa. The 977R (Receiver) converts the Optical output of a digital source (DVD or Satellite Receiver) to Coax for connection to Dolby Digital® or DTS® receivers. No matter what type of digital audio, Audio Authority can make it work.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.5 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches


Product Focus Sheet: 977RPO and 977TPO (High Resolution .pdf)

Audio Authority 977RPO output side

The output side of the device can be seen in this photo - connect this side to the coaxial digital input of you receiver, processor, or other device. The RCA- type output is the orange jack on the left, and the power connector is on the right.

Audio Authority 977RPO package contents

The package includes the 977RPO device itself, TOSLink optical cable, and universal power supply.

Audio Authority 977RPO connection example

Here is a connection example.

Audio Authority 977RPO product focus sheet -  Click to download PDF

This product focus sheet compares the 977 models. Click to download in PDF format.

Audio Authority 977RPO Installation and Use manual - Click to download PDF

Here is the Installation and Use manual. Click to download in PDF format.

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