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Audio Authority 573-003

18 Volt DC, 2.5 Amp Switching Power Supply

Audio Authority 573-003 DC Switching Power Supply

Audio Authority 573-003 DC Switching Power Supply

The Audio Authority 573-003 DC Switching Power Supply is an ideal replacement for many Audio Authority products.  Check the manufacturer's description (below) for compatible models.  It is also excellent for a wide variety of general purpose applications.

The 573-003 is a universal power supply, so it will work at any AC voltage between 100 and 240 Volts and at line frequencies from 50 to 60 Hz.  The output is rated 18 Volts at 2.5 Amps.  The center pin of the connector is "hot". 

Please notice that this unit is physically labeled at 19 Volts, but this is, in fact, the power supply that Audio Authority recommends and sells as the replacement for all of the Audio Authority models listed below.

This is an efficient power supply, adding very little overhead to a given device's power consumption and consuming almost no power when not under load, so it could be considered to be a "green" product in that regard.

573-003 replaces model 573-003, 802-615 and 803-170.

Like most Audio Authority products, the model 573-003 comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Audio Authority's Description

18 Volt, 2.5 Amp DC Switching Power Supply

Model 573-003

This powerpack may be used with the following products:

  • ADX-0808
  • ADX-1616
  • AVM-562
  • AVX-562
  • 1176BK/1176
  • 1172BK/1172
  • AVX-561
  • AVX-661
  • 1156
  • 1166
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