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Audio Authority 1173BK

AVAtrix Multi-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume Control

Audio Authority 1173BK AVAtrix Multi-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume Control

Audio Authority 1173BK Audio Interface for AVAtrix Systems

This Audio Authority 1173BK MultiDriver makes it easy to create a distributed audio system that works in harmony with the AVAtrix. Featuring source switching, volume control and IR routing, the 1173BK supports a variety of whole-house audio configurations for maximum installation versatility.

Designed to stack in an elegant manner with other AVAtrix system components, the 1173BK  provides an interface between AVAtrix systems and whole-house distributed audio systems from other manufacturers, or use with Audio Authority's own SF-16M 16-Channel zone amplifier.

The 1173BK contains all the 1172BK’s features, but adds analog audio volume control per output, allowing attenuation from 0 to -78dB.  This allows the AVAtrix to provide volume control and switching for a distributed audio system.  AVAtrix customers just need to add an amplifier or A/V receiver and they have a complete home distributed A/V solution!

When used in Source Mode, the audio outputs mirror the AVAtrix source inputs, while Tracking Mode mirrors the audio source selected by each corresponding remote wallplate.  In addition, the 1173BK routes IR signals to the appropriate source or zone amplifier.

Like most Audio Authority products, the Model 1173BK comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Audio Authority's Description

AVAtrix Multi-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume Control

Model 1173BK


Enabling easy integration of whole-house audio into an AVAtrix Cat 5 Matrix system, the 1173BK is a perfect complement to projects involving distributed audio. The Multi-Zone Audio Router's selectable "source" and "tracking" modes support a variety of whole-house audio configurations. Its volume control and source switching capabilities enable simple integration with a zone amplifier. See detailed application diagrams here. [links to AAC site]

When using traditional zone amplifiers without onboard volume control or switching, the 1173BK should be operated in Tracking Mode. The audio output from the source currently selected in a zone is routed to the corresponding audio output on the 1173BK. (Example: Zone 2 is viewing Source 4 - the 1173BK would output Source 4 audio from Output 2). The output is then connected to a separate amplifier used to drive speakers in each zone. This mode allows audio to be switched in sync with the video source being viewed in each zone.

When using amplifiers with their own volume control and signal processing, the 1173BK should be operated in Source Mode. The audio output from the each source is looped to the corresponding audio output on the 1173BK. (Example: Source 1 audio is replicated on 1173BK's Output 1). Audio remains live at each in-room Cat 5 receiver, while also interfacing to a third party whole house audio control system or multi-channel amplifier for processing, amplification, and room selection.

  • Adds volume control to the AVAtrix Cat 5 Matrix
  • Outputs 6 stereo audio channels (output depends on selection of Source and Tracking mode)
  • ExpressRamp enables precise, smooth control of each zone's volume
  • Controls volume of sources independently for each channel (analog only)
  • Rack mountable with included 1U rack-mount ears
  • Manufactured in the USA


Key Features

  • Adjusts volume level from 0 to -78dB
  • ExpressRamp enables precise, smooth control of each zone's volume
  • Works with simple zone amplifiers or sophisticated audio systems
  • Supports up to 18 AVAtrix zones in tracking mode, or up to 30 zones in source mode
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party control systems from Control4, URC, RTI, and more
  • IR routing for audio system and/or source control signals from the zones
  • Connects to AVAtrix ribbon bus


  • Analog stereo audio (L/R) - 6 (RCA)
  • Digital audio (stereo or surround) - 6 RCA (volume control not available on digital outputs)


Video Parameters

  • N/A

Audio Parameters

  • Volume adjustment range: 0 to -78dB (analog audio)
  • Digital audio output level: Unity Gain (no volume control)


  • Connector Types (Input): Multi-pin Bus
  • Connector Types (Output): RCA
  • Product Dimensions:1.75 x 16.675 x 9 (H-W-D, inches)
  • Product Weight: TBD
  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Agency Approvals: FCC, CE, C-tick
  • DC Input Connector: 5.5 x 2.1mm
  • DC Input Voltage/Polarity: 18V DC, 125mA

In the Box

  • Power Supply: Model 803-170
  • Rack Mount Ears: Model 1191A
  • User Manual


Audio Authority 1173BK AVAtrix Multi-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume Control, back panel

Here is a good look at the back panel of the unit.

Audio Authority 1173BK stacked with AVM-562

The Model 1173BK is shown here stacked with an AVM-562 AVAtrix System (AVM-562 not included).

Audio Authority 1173BK Source Mode Connection Example

This connection example shows the 1173BK connected in Source Mode.

Audio Authority 1173BK Track Mode Connection Example

Here is another connection example, illustrating connection of the 1173BK in Tracking Mode.

Audio Authority 1173BK Focus Sheet - Click to download PDF

This is a Product Focus Sheet in PDF format - click to download

Audio Authority 1173BK Manual - click to download PDF

Click here to download the 1173BK Manual in PDF format.

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AVAtrix Multi-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume Control 1173BK $799.00 $719.10
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