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Audio Authority 1109A

AVAtrix Cat 5 Control Bridge

Audio Authority 1109A IR Injector for AVAtrix

Audio Authority 1109A AVAtrix Cat 5 Control Bridge

The Audio Authority 1109A AVAtrix Cat 5 Control Bridge makes it easy to inject (or sample) low-voltage signals to/from the Cat-5 pathway between AVAtrix or SixDrive systems and their system receivers.  Each port is isolated from the other ports, so as an example, one pathway can be set up to sample in-coming IR signals, while another pathway in the same system can be used to inject out-going IR signals.

As an example, this could be used in a system where the operator wants to be able to send IR signals to multiple remote system wallplates, providing a quick and easy way to turn on/off multiple HDTV monitors from one location.

Replaces 1109 and 1111.

Like most Audio Authority products, the 1109A comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Audio Authority's Description

AVAtrix Cat 5 Control Bridge

Model 1109A

  • Inject IR signals into Cat 5 zone wiring
  • Send IR upstream to AVAtrix and sources
  • Send IR downstream to control TVs


The Model 1109A Cat 5 Control Bridge provides an access point for control systems to use the AVAtrix Cat 5 infrastructure, reducing wire, installation labor, and programming code. There are two main applications for the 1109A: controlling TVs (on/off, change inputs, etc) and switching/controlling sources. These applications can be used independently or together, for each zone, upstream and/or downstream from the 1109A.

The 1109A IR jacks are isolated from all other system wiring and can therefore be used for any kind of low speed signal suited for Category 5 cable conductors. The Model 1109A is compatible with all of our dual Cat 5 zone receivers, including Models 9878, 9879 and 9880. Each Cat 5 receiver IR pathway operates independently, so one pathway could be set up for in-coming IR signals and another pathway in the same system could be set up for out-going IR signals.

  • Send IR signals upstream, downstream, or both directions
  • Passive device - requires no power connection
  • Interrupts AVAtrix 12 volt power rail for safe operation using standard 3.5mm patch cables
  • Use multiple 1109As for large AVAtrix systems
  • Made proudly in our own US factory



Audio Authority 1109A AVAtrix Cat 5 Control Bridge - panel drawings

These drawings show the front and back panels in greater detail.

Audio Authority 1109A focus sheet - clicl to download PDF

Here is the 1109A Product Focus Sheet, in PDF format

Audio Authority 1109A User Manual - click to download PDF

User manual for the 1109A, in PDF format

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Cat 5 Control Bridge for Audio Authority AVAtrix 1109A $200.00 $180.00
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